How to easily import passwords from Firefox to Chrome or Edge

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What are browsers?

Browsers are those tools that do a recognition of all files on a page, so that we can easily view it. There are a large number of browsers among which there are three main ones that stand out from the others, being the best web browsers 2020.

And these are relevant Mozilla Firefox which represents the best among those developed by open source and that you can download and install completely free. There is also Google Chrome which is developed by the Google company and has several great tools, and finally there is Edge which is the improved version of Explorer.

There are also other browsers such as Apple Safari, Opera, Maxthon, Flock and many others. Although these are not so well known; and some have a very big difference in speed and efficiency in opening pages and browsers that consume fewer resources.

Where is the password stored in the browser?

The database where the passwords are stored has a different location depending on the browser. For example, for Google Chrome there is an encrypted file called "Access data" and accessed via the user folder in the browser.

In the case of Mozilla Firefox, the file that stores passwords is called “signons.sqlite” and as in Chrome its access is through the user folder, now for the Edge browser I change the process a bit, and this is because Microsoft Edge saves passwords within the same operating system, it is more complex. All of the above come from the best internet browsers.

Where are passwords stored regularly?

There are many sites that use a user registration and access system, starting with social networks. Since the purpose of them is that each person has his own particular user and can use the network under the registered profile, knowing and sharing with other registered persons.

Although there are other platforms that users use as well, pages with a cloud service for example, this so that each user has their own files and shares them with whoever they want, and there are many other sites that when we log in we can see the user system.

How to easily import passwords from Firefox to Chrome or Edge?

The simplest process is to make the file of give compatible with other browsers, so that you will only need to download a program called Passwordfox, with which we will be able to access all the keys registered in the Firefox browser.

Then, to confirm that there are passwords you want to save, we select them all and click on the option to save them in a file or in a file in HTML format. Which we must keep in a place that we can easily remember.

After viewing the HTML file on the screen, we select it with a left click and select the option "Open with". Then in the pop-up interface we select the other browser and that's it; Passwords will be saved in the browser we have selected.

This is a great tool for people who use password saving very frequently and forget passwords, normally these people don't share their computer and make exclusive use of it, which is why they don't care about the importance of having the password. saved key.

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