How to easily invite all my friends to a Facebook group

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If what you really want is to prevent the rest of the members from interacting and participating in the content that is posted, we recommend that you create a fanpage, as these serve to maintain their presence on Facebook. Groups are used to bring people with common interests together and to allow all members to actively participate.

How to invite friends to my page manually

To invite members to a group, the first thing you need to do is create the group. To do this, enter your profile from your computer or mobile device. If you do this from your computer, you will have the menu on the left of the screen, while if you do it from the app, the menu will be on the right.

Enter the menu and search " Groups ". Click on " Crea ". From the app it is the third tab and from the computer you have this option at the top of the screen, next to » starts «.

In application you will have a screen where you have to complete:

  • Your name
  • Add people
  • Choose group, public or private privacy
  • Hide, so that only members can search for it or make the group visible so that anyone can find it.

On your computer, you will have a box with the same data. When you have finished filling in all the fields, press " Create ». Once you have the group, go to «I your groups ". You can find this option at the top right in the news section. Enter the group you want to invite your friends to.

Another way to search for your group is to type its name in the search bar at the top of the screen. You can do this manually if you are trying to invite some of the people who are on your friends list. Click on " Invite »Located to the right of the username.

When you have finished sending the invitations, press " Close «.

How to invite new members to a group with Facebook Group All

Another way to do this is by installing Facebook Group All, it is a Google Chrome extension. Once installed in your browser, you will have its button at the top right of the screen. Log in to Facebook.

Search and position yourself in the group. The next thing will be to do click the extension button. You will receive a box with a counter that will indicate the number of friends you have on Facebook, the ones you have processed and the total number of guests in the group.

If you have more than five hundred friends, stop the process before reaching the five hundred friends invited to your group by pressing F5. You will have to wait until the next day, as Facebook may close your account if you exceed this number.

This is because, if Facebook detects that you are inviting all friends on your contact list, even those you don't interact with, might take it as spam. That's why we recommend doing it manually. This way you will avoid problems with your account.

Remember that i group members can invite anyone to their friends list, regardless of whether the group is private or public. When you invite someone, preview the group before deciding whether to join or not.

However, if you are the admin of the group, you can configure it to have to approve a request before they join. Ok, now that you know how to invite all your friends to a facebook group, get together people with the same interests and start interacting with them.

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