How to easily put quotation marks on your PC keyboard

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Such as the quotation marks, which are a necessary element in the writing and grammar of many works.

In order for your PC function correctly and simply, knowledge of various keys or their combinations is required, which generally have very specific functions.

How to write quotes in Windows and Linux

The following formulas that we will give you below, can be used on any computer with an operating system such as Windows 8, 7, Vista, Xp, etc. To get started you need to do the following:

  1. Start by placing the key » Other »On the keyboard, then press it and do not release it during this procedure, until it is finished.
  2. While continuing to hold the key » Other ", Look for the number on the keyboard with the other hand and press the number" 34 " consecutively. This is because within the code ASCII, this combination belongs to the quotation marks we look for so much.
  3. Once you have pressed the number " 34 «, Releases the key » Other »And you will see that the quotes will automatically appear within the text you were typing.

It is important that during this process, you do not stop pressing the «Alt» key until finished. If not, other symbols may appear which are not exactly what you are looking for. It should be noted that you can also activate the virtual keyboard of your pc so that you can insert this symbol in your texts.

If you have an operating system instead LINUX, this formula you will see may be compatible with computers whose operating system is GNU / Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian.

  1. As with the Windows system, you need to locate certain letters. This time, it will be the keys » CTRL+SHIFT+u Which you have to press. During the whole process, it is important not to release these keys until the whole process is finished.
  2. After that, you have to press the number " 22 «, Remember, without releasing the previous keys. This number plus its combination, equivalent to its hexadecimal value within the ASCII code.
  3. After that, you need to release the keys » CTRL + MAIUSC + u »And your quotes will appear automatically.

How to insert chevrons («») in your Word page

Although these are a pair of quotation marks used very rarely, their style is still in demand at certain times. If you want to know how to insert them into your document, you just need to follow the following steps:

If you are on a Microsoft Word page

Even if it sounds complicated, you just have to start by entering the Word menu bar and clicking on the » insert «.

Upon entering you will see that a series of options are displayed that you can place within your page Word, but at the very end of these options you will see a window called " symbol ". There you will see all the options you can choose, including the quotes we are looking for.

From Mac devices

With these devices you just have to enter a special combination to be able to find them. You have two options which are:

  • Latin opening quotes («): Shift + Alt + {
  • Latin closing quote (»): Shift + Alt +}

What is ASCII code?

Code ASCII, created in 1963, was born with the aim of rearranging the set of characters, which are mainly used in telegraphy. During the year 1967 it was published, with everything needed to write in the English language. In this edition it included only 128 characters.

In 1981, IBM has developed an extension to which 128 new characters were added, which also had additional symbols, signs and graphics, needed to write more characters, including Spanish. The characters from have also been added ASCII-128 and 255.

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