How to edit an animated gif using Corel Photo Paint - Step by step

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A Gif in general is an image, a figure or a cartoon that has no more than 250 characteristic colors and that in general is a type of animation. Either color changes in letters or drawings, movements or the appearance and disappearance of objects and others.

Interchange Graphic Format is the name that has been given to this type of animation, or its acronym in Spanish "Interchangeable graphic format". GIF files are considered more practical when communicating a message, feeling or action.

Basically a switchable graphics format combines images that are fairly light files with moving sections similar to those of a video. So the final result gets the characteristics of both files but much more functional.

How to edit an animated GIF using Corel Photo Paint?

Corel Photo Paint is an excellent editing program that allows you to edit or create GIFs with objects and shadows, create photomosaics with a single image, add outlines to objects, apply various effects, change the colors of the image. And it has provided practical tools for creating Gif files in its latest updates. In case you want to modify some of them, it is also possible through the following procedure:

  • Access the Corel Photo Paint editing program e select the Gif file you want to edit from the image library.
  • Once established, you will find in the bottom tab a series of options available to open the file. If you select the classic option, si takes care of separating the Gifs in multiple frames in a new document.
  • After separating the frames, click on the toolbar and select the option "Partial load"

An options window will open next to the frame and you need to select where it says "Load in movie interval" to choose from which frame to which frame you want to change.

This tool is used in cases where the file has several frames and you only want to edit part of the file.

There is a tool in the edit panel called "resample" and it is used to change file measurements such as width and height, if you feel comfortable with this click on "Keep proportions".

Having already accepted the aspect ratio of the file, you can enter the film range and select the portion you want to correct.

Delete words and change language

In case you want to delete some words to change them to another language, for example from English to Spanish, you must first select the frame you don't like and click remove. Then select a frame that has only the background.

Then double-click on it and right-click to open the tab Inserisci. Select the frame number you want to duplicate (the one that only has a background) and in the option "After", place the frame number you want to be before the one you are editing.

Once placed in the new frame, click on the tools menu and select the option "Text". Then write the message you want to apply to the font and color, you can also add shadows and shades to make it look much better.

Corel Photo Paint as an editing program

Currently there is a large variety of programs and applications in the technology market aimed at producing, editing and reproducing video or image files. However, only a few are distinguished by the variety of tools and effects available.

It can be said that the creation of a Gif frames a series of editions of an image itself, which are translated into multiple copies of it, each with different objects, phrases or words which, when reproduced quickly, recreate the illusion of movement.

Corel Photo Paint is the leading digital editing platform for editing and creating animated files.

This is because you have implemented a panel with quite understandable options and applicable effects. The Gifs tool is also an amazing digital marketing strategy for a small medium or large company, which can be made known through colorful and captivating animations.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion Have you been able to edit an animated Gif using Corel Photo Paint ?, Leave us your answer in the comments.

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