How to edit and manage roles on my Facebook page?

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We will see in detail how to manage the roles of a Facebook page in so that you can have everything well organized. There are some roles that a person can be assigned to help with managing the content of a fanpage.

Depending on the size of the page, a little help is always needed to be able to keep it up to date, both in content and in responding to messages from your fans. That's why roles are essential to add different people who want to help manage it so it continues to grow.

This tutorial is quite simple and in just a few steps you will learn to manage the roles of my Facebook page. The modification and management of roles takes place from a single, easy-to-access section.

How to manage roles on my fanpage

There are currently no limits to the people who can play roles on any page. In case you need to expand this information a bit further, Facebook has a section dedicated to this.

How to assign a role to a person

Of course, you have to be an administrator to be able to assign a role.

  • In case you are what you have to do is go up " Settings »At the top of the page.
  • Then you will have to go up " Roles of page »in the left column.
  • Next, you need to write the name of the person you are about to add. It must be the name on your Facebook account. You can also use the same email.
  • Click » Modification »To display a menu where you can give him the role you want.
  • Once you have everything ready, simply click » Add ". It will ask you to confirm with your password.
  • You can also add people you don't have as friends. However, they must accept your invitation before accepting the role.

How to manage roles on my Facebook page

How to remove a person from a role

Only an administrator can remove a person who has a role. You can also remove other admins.

  • Log in to your Facebook page and then go to " Settings At the top of it.
  • In the left menu you will have to click on » Roles page ".
  • Search for the person you want to delete and click on " Modification ", You will see appear among the options" Delete «.
  • The only thing left to do is click on " Confirmation »And then enter your account password for security reasons.

Change a person's role on my fanpage

  • Changing a person's role on your fanpage is the same as we told you before. You have to go to your Facebook page and search for " Settings " up.
  • Then from the menu on the left go to » Roles page ".
  • Click on » Modification »Next to the name of the person whose role you want to change and you simply need to change it to the new one.
  • When you click » Save »You will be asked to enter your password.

You find it difficult to learn to edit and manage roles on my Facebook page. You have all the options in the same section and you can change them as you want. What you should keep in mind is that if you are new as an administrator you will have to wait a week to delete another administrator.

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