How to edit and verify my email in my Tinder account from my mobile

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Although we think that all social networks are the same, the truth is that they are not, it all depends on what the user wants, it can be a social network of relationships, entertainment, professional. Some have a very large audience which makes them the most used and popular social networks in the world.

What is Tinder about?

It is a telephone dating application created to get people socializing, first you have to register by filling out your profile by entering the data you want including a photo. In it you can chat with whoever you choose or with whoever you have something in common.

Next, Tinder looks for people who are already registered and who are close to you. Today it is considered the most important dating application in the digital industry and has 50 million users. It starts anonymously, so if interest is shown on both sides, the information is displayed and the conversation can begin.

Tinder ha different search filters. Also, it has the option to appear and show me hidden or disabled to no longer be visible on Tinder.

Likewise, you can change your search range and get results from people closest to you. You can even review the profile of someone you declined on Tinder. All of this is done with the aim that you can use the application at your leisure for be able to connect and match with success.

This application is available in 24 languages and can be used on android devices such as IOS. In its settings you can enter the age and sex range you prefer, whether it is male or female to reach with your GPS to get closer to people, this is one of the advantages of this application.

Edit and verify my email in my Tinder account from mobile

In tinder it is mandatory check the phone number and the email and therefore being able to use the application normally, not all users who belong to Tinder have a verified account but have confirmed the number and email they have on this platform.

This task is simple, of course you have to enter your Tinder profile, then go to the settings of the same application and go down to settings section and enter just where it says e-mail address, there you can change or leave your e-mail and then Tinder will do it proceed to send you an e-mail and in a few minutes you will have your e-mail that you have associated with your account verified.

In addition, these steps contribute to the credibility of your social network, ensure authenticity and they prevent your identity from being imitated. Currently social networks are used by people of all ages but in the same way privacy errors in social networks should be avoided.

Reasons to verify your account on Tinder

Having a verified Tinder account: prestige, closeness, credibility, other users will feel al sure to talk to you and therefore they will really know who you say you are. A verified account gets much more success in this application, avoiding duplication and fraud. This is essential for a dating app, no one wants to spend a lot of time talking to a fake person.

Social networks thus fight false news by verifying the respective account, for example if there are two users who have the same profile but one account is verified and the other is not, the verified one will have always more credibility.

This is a really simple process for what it looks like, it really deserves the effort because you extend the guarantee of your followers, you are seen better before the users.

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