How to edit audio and video on Android phones with the AppTimbre application

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Our cell phones are a very powerful tool for us; With these electronic devices we perform many tasks. We can open and edit Excel, Word, PowerPoint files with Polaris on Android, among many things. Editing audio and video on Android cell phones is no exception; for this we use applications like AppTimbre.

If we want to cut a video, create a gift or convert an audio file with Timbre, you can do it easily and without complications. And one of the advantages of Timbre is that it is Free subscription.

Reasons to use the Doorbell app

The Timbre application has an interface that there encourages you to edit audio and video thanks to the simple way it's done. The doorbell supports multiple activities and allows for a good variety of formats. With Timbre you can do the following:

  • Trim audio and video as you like.
  • Merge audio and video files.
  • Convert audio and video files. For audio files it supports mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac and wma formats; and for audio files it allows formats of mp4, flv, avi, mkv, webm and mpeg.
  • You can extract audios from videos.
  • Convert files video in GIF.
  • Split audio and video files into two parts.
  • Cut part of the audio or video file.
  • Comprimi file mp3 o m4a.
  • You can convert text to speech.

Due to the different functions that we find in this application, we can say that it is useful when editing audio and video files. Now that we show you the benefits of the application, we will show you how to edit audio and video.

There are other different applications to edit your videos. Some of them have a very specific purpose; for example: to edit videos on WhatsApp or to easily edit vertical videos for IGTV. The advantage of AppTimbre is that you will need it for any video you have on your mobile.

How to edit audio and video on Android with AppTimbre

By downloading the Timbre application on our android mobile phone, we can start using it. The application is translated into several languages, including Spanish, so it will be easier to use.

When we open the application we can see a main screen design without many adornments. It can be seen that the central page is divided into three sections: Audio, Video and More.

To edit an audio file we will follow the following steps:

  • In the audio section we will choose the function we want to do, whether it is add, cut, convert, among other functions that are shown.
  • Then we will choose the audio file we want to edit.
  • We proceed to modify it according to the options that are presented to us.
  • So we'll name the file we edited in File 1.
  • We then proceed to modify it by pressing the red button which indicates the function we have chosen to modify the audio.
  • A box will appear indicating that the file will be saved, proceed to press Save.

At the end of it all, and if you also want to edit the metadata of your MP3 music from your mobile on Android; you can use applications such as Star Music - Tag Editor, designed for this purpose.

To edit a video file, we will proceed with the following steps:

  • In the video section we will choose the function that we want to play.
  • Then we will proceed to the choice of the video file that we want to edit.
  • Then we choose the options on how we want to edit the video.
  • We will proceed to name the file which we modified in File 1.
  • Once you have made the switch; we press the red button, which indicates the function we have chosen for edit the video.
  • We will see a box, which tells us where the file will be saved; we will press Save.

By performing all these steps; can edit audio and video on Android with AppTimbre e and easily and without the need to use a computer. Keep visiting the page, to continue learning about the applications you can use on your Android phone.

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