How to edit or add a favicon to a blog or webpage in Blogger

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Favicon, from English favorite icon (favorite icons) and is a small image that is associated with the page. Each Blogger account has the ability to change the favicon. It is usually found before the website name on the website.

Why should i have a custom favicon?

Your website icon is associated with your brand. the people who visit your website they will associate your brand with your image. If they see that image on another site like Facebook, Instagram, or another social network, they'll immediately know it's your brand.

It's amazing that something this simple has such an impact on your blog, but if you want people to know you it's essential that you have an image that connects to your brand. Especially if you are new and in growth in the digital world.

Your image speaks of your identity and who you are. There are extremely important details that need to be taken into consideration, the colors you choose will also have a big impact on your brand.

Favicon requirements for Blogger

  • Generally the minimum size set for the Blogger icon is 16px 16px x.
  • It should have a simple design that is visible on a minimal scale. Without forgetting that it has to be surprising to be remarkable.
  • Un design original, unique to differentiate itself from the competition.
  • The size of the file it must not exceed 100Kb.
  • It should be a square image. Otherwise, the platform will reject the file.

How to change a favicon in a blog or web page in Blogger?

Log into your Blogger account. You can do it from your own Google account by entering your login details. In the main Blogger panel select the Design option located in the left panel.

Select the first configuration parameter called Page Icon.

A new window opens where you can remove icon currently found. When you remove the current icon, when a new blog page loads, the Blogger icon is displayed by default.

In case you want to change the icon, press the button Select file. Search in File Explorer for the location on your PC where the icon is located.

Choose the file and click the Save button.

The new favicon is automatically loaded into the configuration, but for the change to take effect click on the Save Design button. Check the final result with the button Preview and you will see that you have a new icon in the browser.

Tools to create your favicon


A great tool for create icons online and for free. It allows you to create an icon from an image you have on your PC. The available icon sizes are 16 × 16, 32 × 32, 48 × 48, 64 × 64 and 128 × 128.

The interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. you just need to follow the steps to get your favicon at the end. The final result can be downloaded in jpg, png, gif o ico. The result is almost immediate and you can immediately upload it to your website.

Favicon generator

Like the previous Favicon Generator tool, it allows you to create an icon from an image on your PC to create a 16 × 16 file in ico, gif, png or jpg format.

Something very interesting about this platform is that it has its own gallery of icons a disposition of users. They're pretty straightforward, but it's a good place to start if your brand doesn't have an image yet.

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