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YouTube has several tools to make our life easier when we browse its social network. Both for content creators and for those of us who spend a few hours a day enjoying all that YT can offer us.

Comments are a fundamental part of this social network, are very important for all of us to interact and give our opinion on the different contents that can be appreciated. That's why having a function to manage these comments in an intelligent, but above all fast, way is also essential.

YouTube knows this perfectly and that is why it allows us to access the comment history of our account so that we can manage them quickly without wasting time. This way you can manage all the comments you have made.

The process is quite simple, anyone can do it regardless of whether they know YouTube or not. So follow this little one tutorial step by step and you will quickly be able to edit or delete all my YouTube comments without any kind of problem.

Comment history is available to all users, you don't need to meet any kind of prerequisite or anything like that. Anyone can enter their own history, as we'll show you a little bit below. Pay close attention.

How to edit or delete my YouTube comments

Obviously the most basic way to edit or delete your YouTube comments. It's by entering the video where you left said comment, scrolling down in the comment area and finding what you did.

Once done, you can edit or delete it. This is the most basic way. However, we have the ability to manage all our comments from the comment history. It's a much more agile way to delete or edit any comments you've made on any YouTube video.

The first thing you will need to do is go to Comment History. Here you will be able to see all the comments you have ever made on any video. This way you can manage them all from one place without having to search for them among hundreds of comments.

How to manage my YouTube comments

The only thing you should keep in mind is that if the owner of the video deleted it and you left a comment on it. This comment will not appear in the comment history since the video was deleted.

This is the best way to manage all the comments you make on YT, it's a simple, but above all agile way to quickly access each of the comments you have left on any video.

It doesn't matter if you've been writing something for months, while the video where you left your comment hasn't been deleted or the channel owner hasn't deleted your comment either, then you can find it from your comment history without any kind of problem.

In the end, as you can see, it is quite simple to learn to edit or delete my YouTube comments, above all quick and easy. Since in a few minutes you will be able to manage all your business in any video of this social network.

Remember that if you have any further questions or issues related to this issue, you can leave them in the comments section a little further down.

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