How to edit PDF documents with iLovePDF free online tool?

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If you've ever wondered if there is a way to open, edit and convert a PDF document, then we have to say the answer is yes. Believe it or not, there is a page on the Internet called iLovePDF that allows us to edit these types of documents.

That is why in this post we have prepared a small guide that explains how to edit PDF documents with iLovePDF free online tool.

Functions that iLovePDF offers us to edit PDF documents

In this new section we will tell you in detail about all the functions that iLovePDF offers us to be able to edit PDF files in minutes. We simply invite you to take a look at the following tools that will no doubt be useful to you.

Merge multiple documents

As the name indicates, this option will allow us to merge multiple PDF documents into one file. To use this option you have to click on the option » Select PDF file »And choose files from your computer. Documents can also be selected directly from the cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox).

When you have selected all the files, you need to click on the "Merge PDF" option. So, we will have to wait a few minutes and when the process is finished we will see a message on the screen that says "The documents have been successfully combined" and then you need to click on the option " Download the merged PDF document «

Change orientation or rotate PDF

With this tool we have the ability to turn left or right any PDF document we have at hand. As always, the first step will be to upload the file to iLovePDF by clicking on the » Select a file ". Remember that you can select a file that you have saved on your PC or in the cloud.

When you have loaded the file you want to edit, you need to use the mouse to change its orientation. Then select the option » Rotate PDF »And you will see a message confirming that the document has been rotated correctly. Finally you have to click on the "Download PDF" option.

Split documents

An interesting aspect is that you can split an entire PDF into multiple files. Thanks to this function of iLovePDF we will have the possibility to extract one or more pages of a file and to convert each page of the PDF into another independent file.

To use this feature properly, you need to upload the file from your PC or cloud to iLovePDF. Then you can choose between " Divide by interval »Or« Extract each page ». This way you can split each page individually or a group of pages to convert them into a different PDF document. To continue you must click on the option » Split PDF »And to finish the process select the option« Download the split PDF »

Remove the password from the PDF file

Another excellent function that this page offers us is that of delete the password of a locked PDF document. This way we can access it without having to enter the access code.

So to use this option you have to select the locked PDF file and upload it to iLovePDF. Then you will have to select the option » Unblock PDF »And you will be able to download it without problems.

Turn Office files into PDF

Next we will talk a little about a very useful tool that iLovePDF has. With this new feature we can convertire file in formato PowerPoint, Excel o Word in PDF in so that they cannot be edited by other users.

The process for convert an Office file to PDF it is very similar to what we have described above. First of all you have to upload the Office file and then select the "Convert to PDF" option. After a few minutes, when the conversion process is complete, you will be able to download a new PDF file.

How to convert PDF documents to Word format?

To finish this post, we will explain what you need to do in order to convert PDF documents to Word format with iLovePDF. You simply have to upload the PDF file and then click on the option that says » Converti PDF in Word ". This way you can download the new file in Word format to be able to edit it.

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