How to edit, rotate, resize and arrange objects on the sheet in Corel DRAW

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Corel DRAW is a great tool for graphic design, in the same way its operation is very intuitive. If you want to learn how to edit, rotate, resize and arrange objects on the sheet in Corel DRAW, please read the following guide carefully.

Before starting the next tutorial, we recommend that you know how to design a custom template in Corel DRAW, this knowledge will be needed for most of the work we do with the program. Without further ado, read the following guide to learn how to rotate, resize, and arrange objects on the CorelDRAW sheet.

How to edit, rotate, resize and arrange objects on the sheet in Corel DRAW

Without a doubt, before you start editing, rotating or resizing objects, the first thing you should know is how to select those objects. It's a fairly simple process, so read the following guide:

  1. To select an object you need to access the selection tool in Corel DRAW, you will easily recognize it as it has the shape of a small cursor.
  2. Once you hit on this option, you'll just have to click on the object in question to select it.
  3. In the case of multiple objects, you need to drag the cursor so that it selects all of them.
  4. We also have the option Freehand selection, with which you can specifically select the elements within your project. This is especially useful for elements that are not aligned in a rectangular shape.

Each of the selected elements will be surrounded by small dots all along its shape. They all play a specific role in scaling and other aspects of selected objects in Corel DRAW.

Change the size

To change the size of an object in Corel DRAW, simply click on the points located within that object. In any case, keep in mind that the most appropriate way to change the size without deforming the original shape is to use corner points.

On the other hand, if you want to change the length and width, and therefore the shape of the object, you have to select the points located in the center of each of the edges of your object. This way you can stretch or widen them to your liking.

Move objects

Moving objects is quite simple with the Corel DRAW tool, you just have to position the cursor inside the object until the symbol to move appears (a kind of cross with triangles in the corners). Once the symbol is displayed, click and move the object in the desired position.

Rotate objects

The process of rotating objects is also very simple, as you will notice that when you have selected an object a small dot appears in its center. Awards on this point and you will notice that the symbols at the corners and edges of the object will change.

Pressing on these symbols is possible rotate objects, just click on one of them and move the cursor until you reach the desired rotation. Similarly, you can move the axis (i.e. the center point) so that it is somewhere else.

By placing the axis in another space, the pivot point will change, so you can rotate the object in various ways.

Keep in mind that you can perform many actions, such as cropping, splitting and deleting objects from an image using Corel DRAW becomes a basic and relatively simple task, likewise there are some alternatives that we recommend you consider with objects.

More options for arranging objects on the sheet in Corel DRAW

In addition to the above, you can add artistic media to objects in Corel DRAW for more refined work. On the other hand, like the previous options, there are many more that can be very useful To properly organize Corel DRAW objects, these are some of them:

Tilt an object

Still pressing on the central circle, you will notice that other options appear, in the central edges of each side a symbol with two arrows will be displayed. These arrows are used for tilt our object.

You just have to click on the arrow you want and move it until you get the shape you are looking for in your object.

Align the objects

Using this tool you can easily align objects. To do this, you just have to select all the objects present, then click on the "Object located" section in the tools, now click on Align and distribute and then choose the option that suits you best.

On the other hand, for all the processes mentioned above, knowing how to vectorize a bitmap image by type using CorelDRAW becomes an almost necessary task, so we recommend that you inquire if you want to work more professionally with this software. useful

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