How to enable dark mode on your iPhone to save battery

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As mentioned above, we hear different names of applications and tools that we never think we can use. There are many terms we hear every day, but there is one that catches our attention and we will explain how to enable your iPhone's dark mode to save battery.

Ok it's true we have heard many times about this function that we can apply on our Apple mobile devices but in truth the dark mode will help us save battery. Remember that this mode is not exclusive to this brand, which is why you have heard a lot about it.

La dark mode it is practically everywhere in applications, smartphones, social networks, personal computers, operating systems. As this mode helps us so that our eyesight does not get too tired from prolonged exposure to electronic equipment. And above all the light it emits, that's why it was recommended to use it at night.

How to enable dark mode on your iPhone to save battery

It is very true that many times, applications, tools or functions are created for a specific purpose, but these can help us solve another problem of equal or greater magnitude. And this happens precisely with this tool, designed to help our sight in night readings.

But by activating this function, we will not only take care of our eyes, allowing them not to get so tired while reading. But also, believe it or not, it greatly extends the battery life of your iPhone. You just have to follow these few steps to be able to enable dark mode of your iPhone to save battery.

activate this dark mode to save battery on our iPhone phone, we go directly to the device, we must tell you that you must have at least the version iOS 11. So we simply go to Settings and press this option. After the next window pops up, we will click on the General option.

Dark mode for battery saving

Once this is done, we will select the option Accessibilità and we'll look at the top of this menu for the Display Settings option. Entering this section of the menu we will select the Invert colors option. When you select the window, it will show you two options, but you have to choose the first one which says Smart investing.

If you have performed the steps as we have indicated, your mobile device screen will go blank. At this point you can search your entire computer and enter the different applications and programs you have installed. You will do this, so that you can check that the colors have been changed in a certain way.

What happened is that you have activated or enabled the dark mode of your iPhone, you may not like this mode very much but we can guarantee that the power savings will be noticed every time you see the percentage of battery charge. On some devices you may notice that the colors will not display oddly and this may be due to the systems update. It should be noted that it is important to know if your iPhone battery is damaged as in that case the above procedure will not work and you will have to buy a new one.

By doing this, you have activated a feature on your mobile that you did not know you had and if you did, you had no idea how to activate and use it. Something that can also help you is to turn on the saver mode on your iPhone. With this simple tutorial you have been able to learn simple steps so that you can enable dark mode of your iPhone to save battery. 

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