How to encrypt, insert and password protect a folder on Mac OS

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Protect a folder on your Mac with the best free tools

One way to accomplish this is to follow the steps listed below:
1. Open Apple's built-in tool called “Disk Utility”. If you can't find it easily, use the search engine on your Mac and enter the phrase.
2. Follow the following path: File / New Image / Folder image.
3. Select the folder you want to protect. Push the button "You open".
4. Set a name on "Save with name".
5. Define the path or location where you want to save the secure folder.
6. In the configuration "Encryption", you will have three options: None, 128-bit AES encryption or 256-bit AES encryption. Select “128-bit AES encryption”, which is usually recommended.
7. A window will appear in which you need to enter the password you want to use to access the folder. Confirm it in "Verify". Push the button "Select".
8. Set permissions on the image. They can be: Read Only, Compressed, Read / Write, DVD / CD Master or Hybrid Image.
9. Click "Save". Wait for the image creation process to load. If the image was created successfully, click OK.
10. Close the wizard "
11. From now on, when you open the new format you encrypted, you will be prompted for the password. Enter it and you will be able to access your confidential files.
A very important thing to remember is not to check the "Save password on my keychain" box, because by doing so, access to the folder will be automatic. You can transfer this image to a removable disk or USB memory.
If you want to delete the encrypted folder and make it a normal folder again, you will need to mount the folder you created into a new one and delete the one you protected.

Encrypt your Mac OS folders with Encrypto

Encrypto It offers a cryptography fast and multi-platform to protect confidential files before sending them to friends, colleagues, etc. or before uploading them to the Internet. It is discreet, easy to use, and free.

To use it, you need to download it, place folders in Encrypto, set a password, and then send it securely.

Other alternatives to encrypt or password protect your Mac OS folders

Discover some recognized applications and programs available on the market:

<br>• Corrector: is a paid application that uses AES 256-bit encryption. To use it, you have to drag the file into the application and that's it.

With it, you can create custom icons, set master passwords, and access a password generator, should you need it. You can also keep confidential files and information safe, hidden and organized, right on your Mac.

<br>• Spionaggio3: with AES-256 encryption, protect your passwords from even the most powerful adversaries. It has source code available for security professionals, making successful inspection possible in case of unusual activity. Plus, it works with your favorite sync and backup software.

<br>• Hilder 2: has a simple, elegant and easy to use interface, which stores information securely using AES-256 encryption. This application does not require a special location for the files you want to protect.

Each folder or file will remain in its original location and with Hilder 2 you will hide and encrypt them. To view hidden files and work on them, you need to use the application.

<br>• Data Guardian 3: is a 448-bit encrypted database application. With Data Guardian 3 you can create categories to store information and even apply custom labels and icons. It offers a variety of tools and features that make the records you want to run easier.

Don't expose your privacy, encrypt and protect your Mac OS folders with passwords. You should also know that you also have the option to encrypt your folders and files so that they are totally safe. Try some of the proposals you just read.

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