How to enter and activate the new night mode design on my Twitter account

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It is one of the aspects that attracts the most attention when using an application is its interface. While this will also depend a lot on the screen of the equipment we are using, but reducing visual fatigue is of the utmost importance. For this reason, applications like Twitter are concerned with creating functions that allow for a better visual experience.

Also remember to lower the brightness of your screen and raise it as often as necessary. Activating dark mode will allow us to more conveniently view the messages that reach us on our social network. As well as preventing our eyes from getting tired and we don't want to keep reviewing the comments of our contacts. That's why we will show you how to enter and activate the new night mode design on my Twitter account.

How to enter and activate the new night mode design on my Twitter account

Dark mode is a function that has been implemented for some time in different applications, this perhaps due to the complaints that have been received from users and the possibility of losing followers. With this in mind, Twitter has already implemented the new night mode design on your account.

So that we can  enter and activate the new night mode design in my Twitter account, this if I am doing it from the application on my personal computer. The first thing to do is go to the Twitter platform and log in. Once this is done, we will observe that several options are shown on the left side of our screen.

Among the different options that we can find there are Home, Explore, Notifications, Messages, Saved, Lists, Profile and finally Other options. We will go to the latter option and create a clip in More Options. When you do that, a new window will appear with options like themes, moments, settings, logout, etc.

But this time we will select the Display option, when we do that a box will appear with the name Customize your view. Here we can make changes to the font size, color and background image option. In the latter option we can see that we can choose between three different modes.

There is the default mode, the mode Night light and dark night mode. The Default Mode option is already selected and you will switch to Light Night or Dark Night mode. If you select the Light Night option and then create a clip on Done, this mode will be applied and the background will become dark and the letters will stand out in white.

If you choose the option instead Dark Night and then you clip on Done, the background will take on a deep black color and the letters will take on a greyish hue. Both modes can be used while reading Tweets at night. It is very convenient to avoid eye strain caused by the brightness of the screen.

How to activate the new night mode design on mobiles

So that the new design of the night mode can be worn e activated on my Twitter account but now on our mobile device. To do this we will go to the Twitter application and then we will log in. Once this is done, we will go to the top where our logo or avatar is.

We press on it and we display a vertical bar with different options and we will choose the Night mode. Choosing this option will automatically apply and the application screen and letters will change. White colors will take on a dark blue hue. And the screen brightness will decrease significantly.

This way you can take advantage of this feature that will allow you to spend long hours at night reading your messages. And in this way you learned very easily how to put and activate the new night mode design on my twitter account.

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