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Therefore, whenever you receive notifications, your top bar will appear in color! And it can stand out from devices with default colors.

We will give you some tips so that you can customize it and put your own style on it, the best thing is that it is rootless , so you will avoid the risk of exceeding the limits imposed by the mobile phone manufacturer and you can cause irreparable damage. That is why it is important to make sure that your mobile has been rooted

So we will do it in a legal way. But first we'll show you a brief review of the notification bar's purpose.

What is the notification bar or panel for?

It is the area where the alerts of the Android OS are reflected, it can be said that it is like the house di mail in which our pending each application will be displayed. Now, if you don't want to see to-dos often, you can disable Android app notifications

To view them, from the top just slide your finger down and you will see that a vertical curtain appears with different icons or buttons for quick settings. They are generally like switches that turn certain functions on and off. Now we are going to show you 2 methods to change the notification bar color on an Android mobile.

Method 1 to change the colors to the notification bar on Android

If you have one Samsung Galaxy S8. The setup is easier, because you have already enabled the function to edit the bar and change the color.

  • Login settings.
  • Scroll vertically until you find Screen.
  • Then you access the navigation bar with a tap.
  • Choose the color you prefer in the background color section.
  • If you want a different color from the one offered by default, tap the multicolored circle.
  • Move it from the inner white circle to the color you want.
  • You tap the done button to save and confirm the changes.

And voila, you can enjoy the new look. But don't worry if your device it is not high end like the one we mentioned above. For this we provide you with method 2, the steps are just as simple.

2 method

  • We will have the extra help of the Play Store, so it will be important to download and install it. there are several applications with the same goal. We recommend one, because we notice that it is very complete with a great variety to customize and have fun configuring. Is called status bar and notch custom colors and backgrounds.
  • You install it and before opening it, go to settings, tap applications to find the one you have installed and grant permissions.
  • Open the application and access the original section.
  • Tap Solid colors (solid color)
  • A screen appears saying Choose a color. In the color circle, press a small circle and slide it along the color axis. It also has 3 other functions: darken the tone, give brightness and transparency.
  • Having the color, you will now position the format, for this touch of frames.
  • It will offer you a list of edged formats in which you will apply the color.
  • After setting it up, don't forget to press apply to save the changes. 

You will start noticing the colors of the top of the notification bar with a striking style. Now open the application, go up Styles are preset, access unique designs already created as wallpaper.

If your device has a notch, that is a design concept in which in the upper part there is a small notch or space where sensors, camera and other components are housed, then access the specific notch.

As you can see, it's simple and easy to change the colors on the notification bar, and why not? It's even fun, making changes until your phone regains limited edition status. And if that's not enough, you can continue tweaking your mobile by customizing the Android navigation bar with images. We hope you enjoy the information.

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