How to export and transfer friends from one Facebook account to another?

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Like any social network, Facebook is based on the number of friends or followers the user cultivates. But what to do when, for whatever reason, you need to close one account and open another, but you want to keep the list of friends you have. In this note we will show how to export and transfer friends from one Facebook account to another, this can be useful especially if you have two Facebook accounts.

You are very proud of the number of friends you have on your Facebook account. You boast among your acquaintances that you have a large list of followers on Facebook.

However, for various reasons (you want to open a fan page commercial, your page has been cloned, etc.) you have to close your page and open a new one, but at the same time you don't want to lose the large list of friends you already have and it has cost you a lot of time and effort to make it.

How to export and transfer friends from one Facebook account to another?

The social network Facebook does not offer a direct solution to solve this problem. It is necessary to undertake a series of alternative paths to give a viable solution to this setback that fills many users with anxiety.

The first thing you should know is that Facebook doesn't offer a direct way to transfer the list of followers or friends from one page to another. In these cases, it is recommended that you download your friends list account to another backup file located on the desktop, or documents. To later use that data to form the new follower list in the new account.

Many users use this social network to contact people from the same city or country and people they studied with years ago.

To export and transfer friends one Facebook account to another one should follow the steps below: Enter the old Facebook page, which is where you are about to leave, and its interface press the option "Account", takes you to " General account settings «.

Next, go to a list of alternatives that appear towards the left edge of the interface. You position yourself and do «Click» on the option «Le your information on Facebook «.

A new list of alternatives will appear, among which you will click on » Download your information ". We show you how to export and transfer your friends from one Facebook account to another.

Your Facebook contacts can not only be transferred from one account to another, but you can also transfer them to other social networks such as Skype.

Select the information to download

At this moment you are already able to download a copy of your personal information contained in the Facebook account. You can download the information in its entirety or simply download a part of it. It also offers you the alternative of select types of data or information that interest you according to defined time intervals.

In addition to the contact list, you can download: publications you have shared on the social network, polls, videos and photos you have shared, comments you have made on your publications or on third-party publications, messages you have exchanged via Messenger, groups to which you belong . That is, you can download and make a copy of all the information in your Facebook history.

Un Htm file

When you decide to download the friends list, you will download a file called «Frieds.htm». Esso contains the complete list of contacts, showing the date on which he began interacting through Facebook and e-mail accounts.

Another way to download a list with all the contacts you have on the social network is through the Google Chrome application: » Toolkit for Facebook ". With this tool installed we can access the Facebook page from the Chrome browser. Click on the alternative » Toolkit for Facebook »Which already appears in the menu bar.

Then the Facebook friends list alternative of backup. From the option » Star tool »We will enter the list of followers. Once here we look for the alternative «Esporta in JSON «, Which finally does not offer the possibility of making a copy of the complete list of contacts. This time we show you several ways to export and transfer friends from one Facebook account to another.

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