How to extract data from a damaged cell phone with a cracked or black screen

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Whether you have photos that are good memories of pleasant times with friends or family. Maybe you have important data related to work or study. Whatever it is, we can't afford to lose that information, and luckily, it's not hard at all to get it back.

We will see a very complete program in able to recover data from a damaged phone, whether it has a cracked or black screen. Even if the interface doesn't work or the operating system is having problems. You can recover all data from it, from photos to WhatsApp attachments.

Dr. Fone is a simple program that could be said to do everything automatically. All we have to do is follow a few simple steps which we will look at a little below and wait for recover our valuable data in this way.

Save data from a cell phone with a cracked or black screen

As I said before, the first thing we will need is Dr. Fone, which is a very useful program for extracting data from any damaged Android device. It has a paid version, but with the free version we can extract the data without any kind of problem.

The program is designed to work virtually regardless of what happened to the phone in question, though is damaged, has a system crash, unresponsive, black screen, forgotten password, rooting error, problems with SD card, etc.

It works on more than six thousand Android devices of all brands such as Huawei, Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google, Meizu, Lenovo, Asus, VIVO, Oppo, etc. So you can use it with confidence to recover all data from your damaged phone.

Extract data from damaged phone with broken screen

  • Once installed we proceed to open the program and find a fairly simple interface with few options.
  • One of these options is " Data extraction (damaged device) " it is exactly the option we are looking for.
  • Now we have the possibility to choose what we want to recover. We can choose everything that would be: messages, contacts, history, WhatsApp attachments, gallery, audio, video and documents. In case you want to recover something specific, uncheck the option " Choose everything ”And select what you want to recover.
  • Once we have selected what we will recover, we will click on " NEXT ".
  • Now we will have to choose the state of the phone. On the left side is when the touch screen is not working, so you cannot access the system. The right side is when the screen is black (when broken).
  • Next, you will need to select the device and then the specific model.
  • After this a pop-up window appears where we have to write " Confirmation ".
  • In the next screen it asks us to enter " Download mode ". Don't worry because the program guides you so that you can do it depending on the make and model of phone you have previously selected.
  • After that we connect the phone to the computer and  it will start loading a bar at the bottom of the program.

If everything went well, let's go to another screen that should say " Download recovery package ". After that we have to wait for the process to finish to be able to see all the data we have inside it.

We hope that in this tutorial you have learned how to extract data from a damaged mobile phone with a cracked or black screen.

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