How to extract text from picture and transfer it to Word without free programs?

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How to easily extract text from an image?

There are several ways to accomplish this task without requiring the program downloads or get too complicated looking for possibly more difficult ways to convert the file.

A note

Office Notepad is one of the best tools to achieve your goal to avoid copying all the text on those pages.

The first thing you should do is locate the image from which you want to extract the text, now open OneNote, if you have copied the image you can right click and select » Paste «.

If you haven't copied it, you have to click on " Fillet «, You must now use the explorer to select the image from your folders.

Regardless of the mode used from here on, the procedure will be the same, continue by right-clicking on the image, select » Allow searching for text in the image «.

Select the language in which the text is written, this will facilitate the transcription, now, right click on the image again and select » Copy text from image «.

Once this is done, you just have to paste the text into the Word document you are working on, this works with any type of text editor.


Maybe the pasted text is a bit skewed in terms of paragraph placement, or a few words are missing, but eventually it will be easier for you to correct some letters than to type all the text. Once you have the text in One Note, you need to convert the document to Word.

Web sites

There are many pages to extract text from an image, but the vast majority deserve to convert the image to .PDF format, if you don't have a file converter, you will have to do it online.

On the other hand, only some allow you to do it directly from format.JPEG, in short, the procedure is almost always the same.

Go to the page where you want to convert the image, search always the most suitable option for you, upload the file and this is where things can vary depending on the website you use.

Some pages will ask you for an email to send you the transcript of the file. This can sometimes take a good amount of time, but the transcription can be quite accurate.

Other sites just ask you to wait a few minutes and the transcription will be done directly, being able to simply copy and paste the text. The problem is that some have gaps or missing spaces between paragraphs.


We suggest you always try to extract the text from an image that was created by a scanner or a photograph with good resolution, this facilitates the process of text extraction and can help you do it correctly.

We can also advise you to use OneNote more frequently, this helps the program generate some sort of database which facilitates transcription.


If you want to extract text from a source that has multiple languages, it is best to do it in parts, identifying the language of each so that the programs transcribe words better.

Finally, it is very important always review each transcript, sometimes it won't be necessary. If you have time, it is preferable that you do so, thus avoiding errors in the document.

We hope this tutorial will be of great help to you, giving you a new tool to make your chores, work or tasks easier.

You can also carry out the process with the help of tools, the most used being Microsoft Office Document Imaging or with OCR Scanner.

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