How to find out the Bluetooth version of my Windows 10 computer?

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Connections between devices are more important than we think, thanks to this we can share information safely and efficiently from one device to another. We can too share information from the web, but we run the risk of losing data or inadvertently disclosing it in a place we do not want.

For this reason we can use other methods in a very simple way, for example with the use of the USB cable it is possible to connect one device with another. This is possible thanks to a cable, which is inserted into the inputs of each device.

This method of data transmission is very efficient but has a drawback, it can be a little annoying to deal with long cables that can get tangled or damaged. To our advantage there are other methods, equally effective but more practical.

One of these methods is via a Bluetooth connection, which can be made with two or more devices on the same PC: for this reason in this article we will explain one of the details that we often overlook, but nevertheless it is of great importance. bluetooth version who has the computer.

What are Bluetooth connections on computers for?

One method that has been used for years to share information, send and receive files from your PC and is still one of the most used today, is via Bluetooth connections. This method allows you to connect devices wirelessly, this way you can share any type of file.

The best thing about these types of connections is that they are personal, which means we can control them ourselves without any third parties involved. For these connections to be possible, it is essential that the devices to be connected have access to Bluetooth, to our advantage the vast majority of devices currently have this feature built in.

If we want to connect two devices via Bluetooth, we just have to enable the option on the devices to connect and then connect them. In this way it will be possible to send and receive any type of information from one place to another, in the simplest and most secure way.

On the other hand, the Windows 10 software is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. This version is one of the most used by computer manufacturers, thanks to its advanced features and functionality.

But when we want to connect our computer with Windows 10 operating system via Bluetooth with another device, we may have some inconvenience. In the case of do not know which version of Bluetooth has the our computer, it likely is obsolete, for this reason it may not be compatible with other devices.

In this article we will learn the steps to follow to find out which version of Bluetooth my computer running Windows 10 has.

Steps to find out the Bluetooth version of my Windows 10 computer

If what we want is to know the Bluetooth version that our Windows 10 computer has, the first thing to do is open the Bluetooth settings. To do this, we need to go to the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen.

Now let's identify the windows icon, this is located in the lower left corner of the screen and right click on it. This will bring up an options tab.

In case we couldn't open the Windows options bar with this method, we can also do it via commands. If we press the Windows key on our keyboard and without releasing it we press the X key, the Windows options bar will be displayed.

Now, we need to look for the option "Bluetooth" and click on it, a tab with the different tool options will automatically open. We look for the Bluetooth option and right click on it.

Then we select the option "Property", the Bluetooth properties tab will open, we can see that there are several tabs. To find out the Bluetooth version, click on the tab "Advanced options".

Here we can see the section About Bluetooth radio waves, followed by a box with different information. In the latest firmware version information, we find the Bluetooth version of our computer.

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