How to fix "Checking Dmi pool data" error when starting your Windows PC - Quick and easy

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Through the following guide we will teach you how to fix the error "check the data of the Dmi pool" when starting the Windows PC - Quick and easy. A complex problem that prevents Windows from starting.

What is the “Checking Dmi Pool Data” error?

Windows is a great operating system, however, it is not free from errors, some more serious than others. Give her blue screens, problems that do not allow the system to boot, such as the error “Checking Dmi pool data”, errors are common in Windows.

The “Checking Dmi Pool Data” error is specifically related when Windows starts and is displayed when the operating system files are not found. Clearly this can have various causes from a storage error to file corruption. We will deal with all of this below and also point out possible solutions to this error

How to fix "Checking Dmi pool data" error when starting your Windows PC - Quick and easy

There are various causes for error "Checking the data of the Dmi pool", so below we will indicate some of the reasons for the problem and their possible solutions.

Hard drive failure

One possible cause of the “Checking Dmi Pool Data” error is that the hard drive fails works more correctly. We mention this as a possibility, as this error refers to Windows startup files cannot be found.

In many cases, a detection problem or operation on the hard drive may cause the problem. That said, we recommend that you insert the hard drive into another computer and check if the files are visible. If it works correctly, the problem may be due to incorrect BIOS settings.

In most cases this is not a total solution, but you can read our guide to repairing a damaged hard drive at risk that Windows does not recognize. This can undoubtedly help you resolve the error "Verification of Dmi pool data".

In turn, we recommend that you learn how to configure your computer's BIOS to improve Windows startup. Something that can be useful for the problem we are dealing with today. Nor would it hurt to set the BIOS defaults and realize that the hard drive is selected as the boot item.

Repair the operating system

Depending on which version of Windows you own, this process may vary, however we will focus on most recent version operating system. In this case it will be necessary to activate WinRE, the Windows 10 recovery environment, for which you can read the previous guide.

Once booted with Windows Recovery Options, you will need to boot the "Command Prompt". When it appears, all you need to do is type in the following “BOOTREC.EXE / FIXBOOT” and press the “Enter” key.

Wait for the procedure to complete, close all windows and restart your computer. If everything went well, the computer should work fine and the “Check Dmi Pool Data” error would be eliminated.

Corrupted files in Windows

On many occasions, for various reasons, whether due to viruses, generic failures or incorrect use by the user, the operating system can be damaged or damaged. That said, it is very common to get the “'Verifying Dmi Pool Data” error, which indicates that Windows files cannot be accessed. Regardless of why this occurs, certain steps need to be taken.

Understanding the nature of this error, it is often necessary to reinstall the operating system. That said, it is essential to backup information, saving it in a safe place. Therefore, you will need to insert the hard drive into another computer.

Once you have backed up your important information to your hard drive, you can proceed with the Windows 10 installation process from scratch. This is highly recommended if you have experienced a crash or corruption of your Windows files.

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