How to fix error 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN in Windows 10

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Windows 10 performance is highly dependent on installing updates and balanced driver performance due to compatibility with your devices. For this reason, we recommend that you read this article with which you will learn how to fix error 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN in Windows 10

What is the 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN error?

CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN is an error that refers to an error in the Windows 10 system that prevents the user from accessing programs and other services from the computer, it should not be confused with other types of errors like 0xc0000034.

Typically, the 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN error occurs with the blue screen of death when the security system finds a invalid access token. Therefore, an unexpected shutdown of the equipment occurs which prevents the user from saving the data he is manipulating at the specific time the error occurs.

Why does error 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN occur?

Commonly, the error 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN is caused by the incompatibility of the drivers installed after adding some hardware, which causes a conflict with the Windows 10 system.

In addition, the ' errore 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN It usually occurs when the hard drive does not have sufficient free storage space or due to invalid log files. This error can also occur when some antivirus programs lock system files or delete registry keys relevant to Windows. 

How to fix error 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN in Windows 10

resolve blue screen errors like error 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN in Windows 10 you need to determine what the cause of the error is and follow each of the steps we explain below.

Start your computer in safe mode

If some Windows 10 services can't run properly, try start your computer in safe mode. To achieve this, go to "Settings" and in the "Update and security" section. There, select the “Restore” option which you will find on the left side of the panel.

Then, locate the "Advanced Startup" section and click "Restart Now". Once your computer has restarted, select “Startup Tools” in the advanced options. Click "Enable Safe Mode" and hit the "Restart Now" button.

Update the drivers

It is imperative to update the drivers in Windows 10 to avoid the 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN error. Press the "Win + X" keys and click on "Device Manager". A new window will appear that includes the list of all devices installed on your computer.

Select a device whose driver requires an update and right-click on it. Then click "Update Driver" and click “Automatically check for updates for this driver”. Wait for the system to locate a recent version and install it on your computer.

Check all system files

It is possible that the error is caused by a faulty file on the system. You can check if this is the cause and correct it using the Windows command window. Type cmd in the search engine and right click on the application. Then click on “Run as administrator”.

Then a window will open for entering Windows commands. There, type the following syntax: sfc / scannow and hit the "Enter" key to scan the disk for registry errors. The process will take a few minutes and then you will need to restart your system.    

Repair bad sectors on hard drive

Another cause of the 0x00000028 CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKEN error can be the presence of sectors damaged on your hard drive. In this regard, it is essential to find these sectors and correct them using the CHKDSK command.

To repair bad sectors on the disk, log back into the Windows CMD console in administrator mode and type the following syntax: chkdsk c: / f press the “Enter” key and wait for the process to complete. Restart your computer and check if the error is resolved.

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