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Your Internet experience shouldn't be interrupted by anything, much less annoying errors that don't allow you to view the pages correctly. If the error that has affected your computing experience is the 404 error, don't worry anymore, because today we will explain how to fix the 404 Page not found error in windows - very simple.

What is the 404 Page Not Found error and what causes it?

This is a common enough error on the internet, not to be confused with server errors or errors like the http 503 error, as it's actually the other way around.

This error response is an HTTP protocol status code and means that the host has had a chance to communicate with its server, but the page the user wants to access was not found or it doesn't exist. 

This error response is caused by the user trying to access a broken or outdated URL or link, but it can also appear if the user misspells the URL they want to access. Another very common aspect that causes the 404 error to appear is the fact that the page you want to access has been deleted or moved to another URL.

How to fix the 404 Page not found error on Windows

Method 1: clear the cache

Clearing the cache is generally effective when it comes to the 404 error, as this method has worked for many users when this error appears on their computers.

  • To clear the cache in Google Chrome, the first thing you need to do is that once you are logged into this browser, you need to click on the menu icon on the top right of the screen, which are the 3 dots.
  • Next, select in Settings, and once you access this menu, you need to move the cursor down to the Show advanced settings section, which you need to click. Then you have to click on Privacy> Clear browsing data and then you will see the option Delete the following menu items, where you have to select the beginning of the time when you will clear the cache. 
  • You will also have the option to check or uncheck the boxes of what will be deleted; you must check the boxes for Cookies and other site data, Hosted application data, Cached images and files, and any other boxes that you think you can delete.
  • Finally, click the button Clear browsing data and wait for the cache cleaning process to complete. Then restart the Google Chrome browser and go back to check if the 404 error is resolved on the page you want to access.

Method 2: Verify that the URL is correct

We already talked about it a few paragraphs ago, but it should be noted that the 404 page not found error is almost always generated when we misspell the URL a we want to access.

So make sure you have written it correctly and with all the elements it needs to have so that it can be seen. If you notice that it is correct and even so the problem persists, perhaps it occurs because the owner of the page has deleted it and for this you can not do anything else other than try to communicate with the creator of the page.

Method 3: disable the proxy

The proxy is able to intrude and prevent your internet connection from being stable and can even cause the 404 error, so it's best to disable it.

To do this, go to on your PC Settings> Network and Internet and go to the end of this window and select the Proxy section, then disable the Automatically detect settings and Use proxy server switches. Go back to the page with the error and reload it to verify that the 404 error is resolved.

Method 4: with Google cache

In Google type and press the Enter key; in xxxxx goes the URL you want to access. This method can be, as the Google cache stores all pages  even if they no longer exist or have already expired.

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