How to fix fatal system error c000021a in Windows

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When you have a computer, you have one machine with a cutting-edge technology with which we can perform many different tasks and activities. However, for many it can be a little fun knowing that we have so much technology on our hands and that we often use it to watch animal-free videos for hours.

However, this is one of the greatest activities we have to do on a computer: free time; And that's right there is so much more to choose from in terms of activities. Many work, watch programs, design, talk to others, and much more through a computer.

In fact, it will take a long time before the computer are completely reinvented in terms of overall design, but it's not for lack of trying. In the past, various manufacturers have wanted to do something different and special with the computer, to make it look different.

Many times this has come in the form of Chromebooks or other devices but this is often overlooked as the current computer design and operation are simply good and efficient but that doesn't save it from not reaching your technical problems.

Personal computers can have a wide variety of problems that present themselves in different ways. And, among the most famous problems are the blue screens of death, screens that appear unexpectedly with the menacing message of " fatal mistake ".

When they do occur, we don't have much to do other than try to fix the problem as soon as possible so it doesn't recur and damage your computer. That is why below we will talk about a specific error, c000021a, and how to fix it.

What causes the c000021a error?

When a blue screen appears on our computer, we can be very frightened, because they can become quite serious errors that would put the computer in a recycle bin or recycle the parts that no longer work. But, when they do occur, we must not panic and try to find the solution as quickly as possible so that they do not repeat themselves and we do not end up with damaged processes.

In the case of the error c000021a, there is no difference in the procedure itself that we need to know what caused the error to stop. In this case, the error is due all’hardware or software costs. that you tried to install on your computer and it didn't turn out compatible. Here is the importance of detecting problems with your pc's hardware or software.

Resolving error c000021a

Since the c000021a error is due to a hardware or software incompatibility, you will need to restore your computer to what is called an earlier operating state.

To do this, you will need to restart your computer (do not turn off and on again). And when the option to press the key appears "F8" on the screen for more options or when prompted in the boot process, you need to press it.

You will now see several options on the screen that you can easily navigate with the up and down arrow keys.

Now, you have to move to where it says " Last known good configuration "Or" Last known good configuration ”To press the Enter key in this option.

Then, select the system version you want to start from and press Enter again, which will restart the system with the version you indicated of your operating system.

And in turn this will eventually fix the infamous bug c000021a. But it is good to remove or uninstall any software or hardware that is not compatible with your computer that you have recently installed.

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