How to fix fmodex.dll and fmod_event.dll error in Windows 10

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Errors in DLLs can be really annoying, as they prevent the user from fully enjoying their experience in the Windows operating system. Two of these DLL errors are the ones we're going to talk about today, because the topic we're going to explain is How to fix fmodex.dll and fmod_event.dll errors in Windows 10.

What are fmodex.dll and fmod_event.dll errors? 

The fmod_event.dll file was specially designed for Windows by Electronic Arts Inc. and has been associated with Crysis. That is why the fmod_event.dll error occurs when this file DON'T it is in degree di carry out correctly certain programs compatible with Crysis.

As for the fmodex.dll file, it is a dynamic link library file that it represents essential files for the proper functioning of Windows programs. The occurrence of the fmodex.dll error in Windows is related to problems in the Windows registry, corrupted files, corrupted applications, viruses, or malicious software. 

How to fix fmodex.dll and fmod_event.dll error in Windows 10

Fix fmodex.dll error with System Restore and Windows Defender

The first option to fix this error has to do with using the option System Restore with which you will have the possibility to repair the fmodex.dll file if it is damaged. To activate this option, the first thing to do is to press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to bring up the Run dialog.

Once it appears , you have to type the command rstrui and press the Enter key, then the System Restore window will appear indicating what is involved in the system restore of your PC.

In the System Restore window you can select the Choose a different restore point option and then click Next, then check the box Show multiple restore points to view the dates.

Next you need to select a restore date at the time the fmodex.dll error did not appear, then click Next and finally Finish to confirm the selected restore point. After this, your PC should restart normally and when it is turned back on, the fmodex.dll error it should have been Resolved.

Another method to fix this error is with Windows Defender, which is a Windows application that scans for virus or malware infections, which could be the cause of the fmodex.dll error.

To open Windows Defender, you must first press simultaneously i keys Windows + i to open the settings menu within your PC. Then select the section Update & Security> Windows Defender, then at the bottom of the Windows Defender settings you will see a box called Windows Defender Offline Scan, to enable it, click Scan Now and it will start the virus scan.

After it has been analyzed, your computer will restart and when it turns on again in the notifications you will see the report of what is found. Before doing this, it is recommended to save all unsaved files and data, to avoid losing them.

Fix the fmod_event.dll error with an SFC scan, checking the recycle bin and fixing hardware issues

The first thing is to try an SFC scan that looks for and fixes errors on your PC; To do this, type CMD in the search bar when Windows starts. So in the Command Prompt finger sfc / scannow and then press Enter, wait for the analysis to run for the necessary time and then restart your PC and check that the error has been eliminated.

Another option is to check if the fmod_event.dll file is in the recycle bin, because maybe on some occasion when you uninstalled a program you deleted it by mistake. If there is, reinstall it, if not, download the file from a trusted website.

A third option is to fix hardware problems, which can generate the fmod_event.dll error, to fix them go to Windows Start> Control Panel> Device Manager.

See the driver list and if they have a red exclamation point, there are problems with them, so uninstall them and then update them again or install the latest version to fix the fmod_event.dll error.

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