How To Fix Imperator Rome ROME.EXE Error In Windows 10

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If you like strategy games with an atmosphere of the classic world of knights, Imperator Rome is your best option. With a map of 7.000 provinces to explore and conquer, you will not only have the experience of a knight fighting for his nation, but as a ruler you will face the economic, social and political problems that arise as your empire advances.

But all the magic ends when an error window pops up when you start the game that says “ERROR ROME.EXE” Will you have to delete and re-download and install the game? None of this, after all you don't want to lose all your game progress.

Here we will not only help you resolve this error, but others that you may encounter over time. These errors are becoming very common in Windows 10 due to problems in the game system, but we will explain how to fix them quickly and easily.

Solution for Imperator Rome ROME.EXE error in Windows 10

  • Go to the start of Windows and in the search engine type "CMD"
  • Right-click the first option displayed and then run the program as an administrator
  • A window will appear to write some commands, let's put this: sfc / seannow
  • We wait for it to charge up to 100% and turn off our computer, wait 30 seconds and turn it on

With these steps everything should work as it should, but if this solution for some reason doesn't help you, read on we will explain two other solutions for “ROME.EXE” error.

Other solutions for ROME.EXE error in Windows 10

  •  Go to Windows startup and " all programs "Search for the" Steam "folder
  • Then click on the "Steam" program and run as administrator
  • Now in the program, the games you downloaded to your computer will appear on your left, right click on Imperator Rome
  • In the displayed menu, press the "properties" option
  • In the properties menu go to "local files" and then press the option " check integrity of files "
  • After that a loading bar will appear, what it does is that the game validates or updates all programs and then works as it should be

After that you can restart your PC and everything should work fine , but if after this you still have the same problem, the next solution is simpler than the previous ones.

Just try to disable the antivirus you have installed, as this program may crash the game causing the ROME.EXE error. You may not like this solution very much, since you will be exposing your PC to possible viruses or other web dangers, so keep that in mind before applying this solution.

Hopefully these three solutions to fix Imperator Rome ROME.EXE error will help you, but DON'T limitarti to know one thing, as we said before, this game tends to have more than one problem, so read on to know and troubleshoot the 3 most common problems in Imperator Rome game on Windows 10 or other versions.

Know and solve the 3 most common problems in the Imperator Rome game

The emperor freezes

Go to the game shortcut, then right click and run the program in "Windows compatibility mode". With that the game should open as usual, if not you can also try the following.

Open your Windows 10 Control Panel and select "Manage 3D Settings", then click on Imperator and in the program settings set the option "Energy saving" you can set the most suitable parameter for you, with this you can play correctly.

Validate correction

Go to the "Steam" program and as we explained above, right click on the game and look in the Files for the “Masterservers.vdf” option, now delete all those files and with that everything will work fine.

The game crashes

For this issue, run the game in "Window mode", you can also repair and verify its files in “Steam” as explained above.

With all these solutions you can now play Imperator Rome as usual, follow our page for more content about this game and its news.

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