How to fix Internet connection error code 651 in Windows 10

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Code errors in operating systems are common, every time we want to apply an action an error may appear. In this article we will explain how solve in a simple way the Internet connection of the error code 651 in Windows 10.

Why am I getting Windows 651 error 10?

These types of problems usually occur a due to configuration errors, outdated drivers or missing to install or download. These types of problems could cause error notification messages such as "The modem has reported an error". This common ad is displayed for problems relating to the "Network Card", which means that the computer hardware and interface have not been installed correctly. 

How to fix error 651 in Windows 10?

Next, we show you how solve problem 651 in your Windows 10 operating system, you just need to follow these tips to the letter.

Restart the Wifi network equipment and the computer

If error 651 is displayed when establishing a connection it is a sign of a network transmission error, do the following.

  1. Reset or restart your router and Internet modem for about 30 seconds.
  2. Check that the cables connected to the modem or router are in good condition. As well as the inputs of the connections.
  3. Check that the cables are connected correctly.
  4. Restart your computer, go to the Windows logo on the bottom left.
  5. Press the “On and Off” button, there you will find the restart click option and wait for the computer to turn on again.

Once you've done the above steps, what you'll need to do is check your internet connection again and navigate.

Install the network card driver

Controllers are one part essential of our computers and more in Internet communication when connected via LAN cable. This type of connection requires an appropriate and updated driver package, in case of an error Windows 10 will correct them.

However, drivers may be missing, what you need to do is install the network card driver.

  1. In the Windows search engine, type "Device management" and press this setting.
  2. A window will open which you will select from the "Network adapters" list in the small arrow attached to this configuration.
  3. Right click on the “Ethernet Card” option which is responsible for creating LAN connections, click "Uninstall".
  4. Then restart, Windows 10, the Windows system will load and reinstall the driver software automatically.

Note: As a tip, check what kind of network driver your PC needs and download the adapter directly from the provider's official website. This type of adapter is essential in your computer, as it governs the connections established between hardware components.

Set speed and duplex mode

Set a minimum transmission speed of 10 Mbit / s for LAN connections, the Windows operating system allows up to 100 Mbit / s. Here we will teach you how to manually configure the speed of the Wifi or Ethernet network, please follow the steps below to do it.

  1. Enter the "Control Panel" of your computer.
  2. Among the different functions you will enter in "Networks and Internet".
  3. Once logged in, you will select the option "Network and sharing center".
  4. When you open a new window you will see on the left a mode called “Adapter configuration” click there.
  5. Select the LAN connection that is causing the 651 error and right click to open a small window in which you will select the "Properties" item.
  6. Next, press "Configure", then on the "Advanced Options" tab.
  7. A box with a list will appear, from this you will look for what it says "Speed ​​and Duplex", where you will choose the desired speed of 10 Mbit full duplex.

Note: If you want to configure the connection speed in Wi-Fi, we recommend that you download a Wi-Fi network driver for Windows to avoid error 651.

Bottom line, knowing how to fix internet connection error 651 will save you headaches and worries and you will also have the knowledge of how to fix it. We hope your problem is resolved putting into practice what is read in this article.

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