How to fix the error cannot load user profile in Windows 10?

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When it comes to operating systems, it goes without saying that Windows will be included in the conversation. With its latest installment it brought many features that made it better than before. But in addition, since not everything could go well, new errors also arrived. That is why today you will learn a fix error cannot load user profile in windows

And it is that sometimes it is the simpler things that bring more problems, because even if entering your profile is foolish that you face every day, when you cannot do it, in practice it is left the computer to hold the door. Fortunately, Windows never lets any of its users die, so there is a solution.

Correct user profile cannot be loaded error in Windows 10

Remember that to use any version of Windows, you must be logged in and find the Windows server product key, otherwise you may encounter any kind of error related to a non-genuine product.

To get to the point right away, you first need to know that the login error can occur in all versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system. And it can happen if you want to log in either with your regular user or with a new one, then it can affect multiple accounts at the same time.

The solutions are very simple and there are many different ones to solve this problem, some provided by Windows and others found by users.

The first of these is to log in in safe mode, what you need to do is first turn on the computer until you reach the lock screen, here press the key at the same time " Shift “, The full system shutdown button and the reboot option.


When you do that, a new section will appear (it's basically a blue screen), where will the option "Troubleshooting", click there and then click "Advanced options", finally on "Startup Settings".

In this other section, many options will appear in a list, click on " Restart “, Once the reboot process is finished, another screen will appear which is the Windows Foolproof menu, there you have to press the number 5 which is the option "Enable Safe Mode with Networking".

At this point the computer should boot as usual, re-enter the key and password, if you can log in without errors then restart the computer to enter normal mode again. With this trick you can fix the error cannot load user profile in Windows 10.

Use the command prompt

If with the previous step it was not possible to fix the error cannot load user profile in Windows 10, it is time to try something different and that would be an attempt to restore system files.

For this, it is necessary to scan the system data, this can be done from a USB, an installation DVD or a working Windows account.

As in all existing versions of Windows Server, entering the "Command Prompt" is the ideal alternative to solve any type of problem related to the operation of the operating system.

The first thing is to open the menu and in the search bar write CMD, once the icon that represents it appears, right click with the mouse and select the option "Run as administrator “, When the section appears you have to put this command: sfc / scannow,  Than we run it.


Once this process is done, enter the following command which would be Dism.exe / online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup, run it and finally place dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth.

As a final step, restart your computer, with this you should be able to fix the error, the user profile cannot be loaded in Windows 10 permanently. With these two solutions you should be able to log in normally to yours computer, however there are many more on the internet that you can get by doing a patient search.

The ones you have just read are the simplest, implemented correctly, they should solve the problem, allowing you to use your accounts again in Windows 10 at your convenience and without any other errors.

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