How to fix the error "One or more protocols are missing on this computer" in Windows 10

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Start by using CMD to repair the Wi-Fi connection

This is one of the first solutions you can go to when this happens, the first thing you should do is access the command prompt. All this as an administrator, so that in this way you can do the integrated search from the system tray of Windows 10.

Once inside you have to type the following command, then run it and press the Enter key: netsh winsock reset. Once these commands are executed, the system itself will ask you to restart the PC, all to complete the restoration of these entries that correspond to the Windows registry.

When Windows 10 has finished restarting, you will be prompted to check the status of your Internet connection. If you want to do this, you have to click on the internet connection icon with the right mouse button. A series of options will appear, among which you need to select the one that says' Troubleshooting'.

If all the parameters appear in the correct state and the instrument itself does not report any type of fault, everything will be ready to access your connection Internet.

Try installing the latest driver update for your network card.

If the previous method didn't work, you can start installing the network adapters at this point, in order to solve this problem. However, it is important note that you update the your network cards and those of the system in general, as this can be the main cause of this error.

Likewise, this update shouldn't be done by the ' Device Manager mode ', but, on the contrary, it is advisable to go to the manufacturer's website with said adapter, and then select the most recent version that is compatible with the adapter itself. Windows 10 operating system .

As a last resort, try the following

If you have already tried everything and are about to lose hope, do not suffer more than here we offer you one last option that is sure to work. From here, the last thing you need to do is reset yours Windows operating system 10 without losing your files.

This is a fairly simple process by which what you need to do is restore the entire Windows 10 operating system to its original state, which is the factory state.

All of these configurations, network card drivers and other configurations, both of the card Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Ethernet, will go to their main state, so that you can acquire all the updates available at the moment.

In this way and as a security measure, all necessary protocols for your computer will be restored, which also includes fixing the socket o Winock within the Windows registry.

It is important that you know that despite the computer reset and the configuration returning to the factory state, your files will not be deleted or altered, so they will always be 100% safe.

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