How to fix the "faulty_hardware_corrupted_page" error in Windows 10 - Solution

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What are the causes of the “faulty_hardware_corrupted_page” error?

The "faulty_hardware_corrupted_page" error is one of the most common blue screen errors in Windows 10 and, like most blue screen errors, is usually caused by presence of corrupt files in the system, unsupported applications or incorrect configurations on the PC.

Although more specifically, the 'faulty_hardware_corrupted_page' error (which appears on the PC with the message ' There was a problem on your PC and it needs to restart '. We will collect information about the error and then it will restart automatically) is caused by:

  1. Damage to RAM or hard drive can cause the "faulty_hardware_corrupted_page" error
  2. Some device driver they have been configured incorrectly, are corrupted, or you need to uninstall old or outdated drivers
  3. Infection of a virus on the PC
  4. After installing the applications, the system files have been deleted or damaged causing this blue screen error
  5. Problems with the driver after installing new hardware
  6. Il Windows registry is damaged due to a software change

Some variants of this error that can occur in Windows 10 are: FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE PUBG (associated with old PUBG game), FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE Dell (on Dell computer) and FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE Desktop.

Fixing the "faulty_hardware_corrupted_page" error in Windows 10 - Solution

Method 1: uninstall antivirus and firewall from the system

The 'faulty_hardware_corrupted_page' error, as we have seen above, can be caused by third-party applications or even by the system itself, such as the default antivirus and firewall built into Windows 10.

One way to try to fix this blue screen error is to temporarily disable the Windows firewall, which you can do by following the path Control Panel> Security System> Windows Defender Firewall.

Once you are in this section you have to select the option Turn Windows Defender Antivirus on or off, then when another window pops up in this you have to select the option Disable Windows Defender Firewall.

After doing this you can check that the error is resolved and although disabling the firewall is not a recommended measure because the firewall protects the PC, it could be the solution to this problem, but if this does not work then you need to re-enable the firewall and try another solution.

Update Windows and drivers

Since the "faulty_hardware_corrupted_page" error can be caused by the lack of updates, it is a good idea to check if there are any pending updates on the system, to do so go to Start> Settings> Update & Security.

When you are in this last section, you need to select the Windows Update option and then click on Check for Updates, then Windows will search for available updates.

Now, to update the drives or drivers, you need to locate the section Device management, which you will reach by pressing the Windows + X keys simultaneously, when you perform these operations a series of options will appear including Device Manager, which you should Select.

Once this option is selected, a window will appear with the long list of installed drivers, in which you need to locate the problematic driver, right-click on it and select the Update Driver option.

A window will then appear with two options: update the driver manually or automatically online, choose the option you see the most in your opinion (for those not very tech savvy, the best option is to automatically update online).

Reset Windows 10

Windows 10 recovery is a great option that can totally eliminate all errors present in your system and the best, without having to lose your files. To do this, go up Start> Settings> Update & Security> Recovery.

Next, in the Reset this PC section, click the Start button and then select the Keep my files option and wait for your computer to be reset and the error will surely be gone.

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