How to fix update error 0x800705b4 in Windows 10

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Errors in Windows can greatly affect the user experience and more if it doesn't find practical solutions for them. In case update error 0x800705b4, it can adversely affect the integrity of your PC and prevent you from properly performing software updates, which is very serious.

Now, for all those people who still don't know how to fix this error, we have prepared the topic How to fix update error 0x800705b4 in Windows 10, so stay with us and keep reading this post.

Update error 0x800705b4: what it is and what causes it

This update error, which leads to the code 0x800705b4, is a very common critical error in Windows 10 users. This error usually occurs when you try running an update in Windows and prevents it from running, possibly due to missing records and various corrupted or damaged files.

This problem is usually caused by errors in the log, failure of the operating system in connection with updates or incorrect installation of programs on the PC. It can also be caused by the incorrect attempt to install outdated drivers or drivers, thus generating error 0x800705b4.

These types of update errors cause you not to be able to update your PC immediately, which is very serious, taking into account the purpose of the updates on your PC and the important role they play in fields such as security of the same.

How to fix update error 0x800705b4 in Windows 10

To simplify the correction of this error, we will present two ways that you can easily fix it, so that you can use the one you prefer:

Method 1: Delete files from Windows Update

This is an effective method in some cases where the problem of error 0x800705b4 is that some of the elementary update files are corrupted. To fix this, you need to delete these files and for the next update Windows will create them by default.

  • To delete the damaged files, you must first press the keys simultaneously Windows + R in so that the "Run" option opens. When it opens, in the space indicated, type the command services.msc and then press the Enter key or click the OK button.
  • When you do that, the Services window will appear, with a long list of services, where you need to locate the one called Background Intelligent Service (BITS), right click on it and then click Stop.
  • Then, further down the list, locate the Windows Update service and similarly, right-click on it and select Stop.
  • Now, go to File Explorer and once there, follow the path that comes from the drive C: Windows SoftwareDistribution and in the latter folder you will delete everything inside it, but without deleting the folder itself.
  • Finally, return to the "Services" window, and by right clicking and then on Start, restart the previously interrupted services, so in the next updates the error 0x800705b4 will not appear.

Method 2: with Troubleshooting 

In Windows 10 there is a tool called Troubleshooter that allows you to fix, report and indicate how to resolve all kinds of problems, including update errors in Windows 10 and especially the 0x800705b4 error.

  • To find the troubleshooter, first you need to go to Start> Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot and from there we will locate the Windows Update section and click on it. When you do, the button will be enabled Run the troubleshooter which you need to click to open the troubleshooter.

  • So you have to wait a while for the troubleshooter to detect and analyze potential problems, so it may take a few seconds. After the analysis is complete, the problems will be corrected automatically if they can be resolved on site.
  • If you want to know more about the problems, you can click View detailed information in so that you can see more about the issues or errors that are being dealt with, be it error 0x800705b4, update error 12029 or any other.

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