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Although it is something very rare, we can have problems with the photo gallery to display some things in our Windows. For this reason it is very likely that if we fail to see our photos, we have wondered, how can I  fix errors in the Windows photo gallery? Here we explain it to you briefly and easily.

Since the release of the first  operating systems from Microsoft.  They have implemented one or more tools to be able to view our multimedia content. Especially our photos, so we hardly ever needed an external program to view them.

The photo app is one of the many that are included when you buy your license, so if you don't have it yet, you should consider purchasing one to activate Windows and enjoy all its benefits.

Check that the image is not damaged

First, we need to rule out several possible reasons why we can't view photos. First, check their Da origin where did we get the picture? It could come from a website or it could come from a computer that damaged them. In any case, trying to see the photo will show that it is corrupt.

Another thing we can try is to uninstall any programs that we have recently added to our computer. This because  there are several viruses in  can corrupt our files and many of these viruses can be contained in an installed program.

If we suspect that this is the cause, once the programs have been deleted, we can proceed to restart the computer so that at startup  do not upload any malicious files.  In this way we will check if the images we want to see are still in good condition.

Furthermore,  we must always be aware of the space used.  This is important because when your computer runs out of space or runs out of space, it starts to stop executing certain processes. Therefore, in order not to occupy the remaining memory, it is always necessary to delete what we do not use and thus free up space on the hard disk.

Try restarting your system

Another slightly fancier way we can solve this problem is  reinstall the photo extension of our Windows.  To carry out this process we just have to follow a few simple steps, which are detailed below:

First of all, we need to go to the start menu and search bar  enter the word "settings".  Then an icon with the same name will appear where we need to left click. Then a window with many options will open, in which to select the application and locate a new window in which we can search for the photo application.

When we select this option, we will get information about the program. We should focus on finding the  advanced application settings.  As it is normal to think, we will have to click on that option and we will be shown a menu where we can see the option to repair the program.

In this way we can see how the same system takes care of the reinstallation of the photo application. At the end of the process we will be notified and ready we will have solved the problem. It is important that in order not to have any errors, we have our Windows in its latest version.

How to fix Windows photo app?

On the other hand, if our problem is not solved in any way. We can choose to use a new photo viewer, this type of program can be found on the web for free. A  excellent choice for this is JPEGView.

To get this program,  we look for it in our browser  and we can access it from its official page. This program has the advantage of being light and very practical.


Beyond that with it we can see all current photo formats. Fast and highly optimized. It is one of the  best alternatives to the original Windows viewer, because it consumes almost nothing in terms of system resources and is also free.

Repair or restore, which one is right for you?

Both options are good for reviewing photos. But it is suggested to repair the application, why do we say it? Because this option is the more practicable and probable may you enjoy all your photos again without losing or altering i give application.

On the other hand, with the application reset, it is accessed when an action has been performed that may have caused the photos not to be observed. For this option, a warning will appear on the screen to confirm if you want to perform the reset. But the most suggestive thing is to repair the application.

Delete obsolete registry keys

It is another option to fix Windows photo gallery errors. For this, you will need to follow the following procedures: First, you need to identify the old entries that will be deleted, for which, enter your computer, press the Windows + R keys to execute the REGEDIT command.

Second step, you have to select the option that will be presented on the screen, where you have to select a path that will be represented by the path:

‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Classi LocalSettings Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion AppModel Repository Families Microsoft.Windows.Photos_8wekyb3d8bbwe’.

Third step, entering the generated window of the indicated path, you will see several items, each specified with a number indicating the version. Many times they can have 4 entries, which indicates that two of them are out of date based on the version number that appears there and are the ones you should get rid of.

Once you have identified the obsolete entries, you need to delete them. This is also easy to do, click on the entry, select the Permission option, then Advanced Options, there you will see a box where you need to enter your username and click Accept. The obsolete entries are then removed.

Replace photo viewer (best options)

You have to remember that Windows contains a pre-established application called a photo gallery, which you can edit and more if it fails, takes a long time to open, or is too cumbersome, which prevents you from viewing your photos and images. To replace it you need to do the following:

Enter the settings, once there, enter the applications, choose the default applications option and click on photo viewer, where you can see a series of options in terms of photo viewer that you can choose to replace the previous one. There are currently many applications that allow you to observe your visual content.

But before choosing any photo viewer, you should take into consideration that it is not heavy in such a way as to open your photos immediately, in addition that it is adaptable to photo formats. Choose the one that suits you best, you can receive them for free. This way you can repair the errors in the Windows photo gallery.

 VLC media player

It is a reproduction tool of multimedia files ad free access for users. It is very interesting because it allows you to play more files than any audio and video format without requiring another tool. It is currently one of the most used and downloaded tools.

VLC has the ability to play streaming platform audiovisual files, which are widely used today. So it is recommended.

JPEG view

It is another interesting tool to elaborate, view and edit files visual. Adaptable to images in JPEG, BMP, WEBP, TGA, GIF and TIFF format. It is very quick to perform and you can adjust the image sharpness, color, rotation, contrast, all these aspects to appreciate your photographs in an optimized way.

And a very cool thing about this tool is that adjustments to process an image can be done in real time. Also, the folders where JPGE files are located can be viewed as a movie. For these characteristics it is also recommended to use it.

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