How to force quit or close an application on my MacOS PC - Very simple

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When a user decides to force quit an application in macOS it is because of this activity has stopped working and his lack of response does not allow the person to close the window as he usually does. This is a method that all computers have regardless of the operating system their development is based on, as is the only solution to this kind of problem.

MacOS stands out from any other type of computer because its programmers have always tried to ensure the proper functioning of each of their activities. However, sometimes the system cannot get away with avoiding the problems related to this topic, so we recommend the following solutions to be able to close the application.

What should you consider before forcing an application to quit on MacOS?

If you happen to be a new user of this type of operating system, you should know that, as in other computers, there are main programs and other background programs.

These background applications are responsible for providing support to core programs and thus ensuring the proper functioning of the activities performed on the computer.

It is recommended that you do not force programs to close in the background, as it can interfere with macOS development even after performing the procedure.

Another aspect is to ensure that the task you decide to complete does not require you to save very important content. Upon forced closure, no notification will appear to recommend saving or to confirm this procedure.

Force Quit Application on MacOS via Menu - Apple Recommended Method

Although Apple's operating system has a low probability of failure, sometimes the user crowds so many tasks at the same time that some functions tend to crash.

To fix it, MacOS forces quit via its menu. This is accomplished by doing click the apple icon top left.

The phrase “Force Quit” will appear in the list of options, which once opened will display a window known as the task manager, showing all the applications open on your computer.

You will just have to search and select the program that has stopped responding, then click on the “Force Quit” button at the bottom.

The most recognized method by users - Keyboard shortcuts

If you want to force quit an application in macOS and the above solution didn't work for you, this OS It allows also there closing applications using a combination of keys that assign the order to the computer.

On the computer keyboard it is necessary to press the keys consecutively " Option "," Command " is " Esc “, Which will also open the task manager.

Similarly, as indicated in the previous method, it is sufficient to select the application that has interrupted its correct function and press “Force exit” to terminate it.

Terminal: The most advanced option in MacOS to force quit an application

It is an application recognized by the community of experts in this operating system, which can be accessed by accessing the “Applications” option in the computer menu.

Inside "Utilities" you can find the program called " Terminal", within which you can write commands to perform specific tasks.

So what you need to do is type "Top" to view the applications that are being developed, then hit the "Enter" key.

Once displayed the order of the programs, under "Command" you can find the application that has stopped responding and you have to copy the number that appears in the column called "PID".

Press the "Q" key to return to the list of commands and you will proceed to write the "Kill" command next to the number of the program you have decided to close.

Once you have selected the "Exit Terminal" option you will be able to force quit an application in macOS  very simply.

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