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At the moment we can get mobile devices on the market that are of Chinese origin, that is, their operating system is dubbed in Spanish but within their hardware we find it in Chinese or Japanese and if you do not know the language it is very normal that they do not understand the process and it is complicated to execute a format in it.

There are also more recognized brands such as Huawei that are equally of Chinese origin, but the reset or hard reset of a Huawei phone presents some different steps for these devices from much less recognized brands in the market.

Take this into account when formatting or hard restoring your mobile phone

We must keep in mind that formatting is not only useful in an emergency, because some error or modification has not been well accepted by the operating system, but it is also a good idea use formatting as a deep cleaning of our mobile.

Before you go into cell phone recovery completely, you can restart or reset settings of android factory from the settings of the device itself, this presents an easier option to perform and may be the solution to your problem.

Keep in mind that you have to save all important information on a computer or register it within Google in order not to lose anything important in formatting.

Step by step we can teach you how to perform formatting on a mobile of Chinese or Japanese origin without problems with graphic explanations, so that you can better understand the concept and guide you in each point in depth and thus achieve success in the formatting the mobile device.

How to format a Chinese recovery phone?

  1. To begin we must proceed to completely turn off our mobile device to manage the recovery.
  2. Then we will reactivate it via the reset option, you do it by pressing these buttons: Volume up> Volume down> Home key.
  3. If by these coincidences, they see that they cannot do it because these keys do not work on their mobile, we can access the browser and look for information to enter the reset of your device with the make and model of it.
  4. When you hold it down for a few seconds you will see that the screen will turn on but in recovery mode.
  5. In the menu that the device offers them, they will have options to select the format of the device.
  6. By selecting the option "Restart" we will do this using the volume keys, up and down.
  7. To confirm an option we just have to press the power button on our device.
  8. In case an option is pressed by mistake, we can go back by pressing the volume up button and then go back to the previous menu to select the correct option.
  9. To get the Chinese or Japanese device reset we must select the option ending in "EMMC".
  10. To start the reset, they just need to press the button "We" and then confirm the action.
  11. You will see how the mobile device will shut down again by doing a full reboot, in other models you will have to confirm this by pressing the option first "Yup" and then the power button so that it turns off and you get the reboot to start formatting.
  12. At the end of the reset we can see how the device will restart and in this way we get the formatting of the device and the home screen will look like it has just been purchased, you will have to enter your data again.

As simple as we can get the formatting a mobile device with Chinese or Japanese restore, we just have to keep in mind that they should not forget to save any necessary content and then remove the SD memory card as well because we can run the risk of this affecting.

An alternative to try is to format an Android mobile from the PC, in this way you have other options because Chinese devices may have different and multiple solutions when applying a hard reset.

When restoring the Android operating system on a Chinese device again, it is likely that the google play store is not available, there are additional steps to install google play in any brand, to fully enjoy your device with all the applications available on this platform .

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