How to format and format USB drives and SD cards in Linux

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When working in groups and with different computers, it is important to have any tools available that allow you to store and transfer different types of files, as well as making security backups. Likewise, it is equally important to have the right tools when you need to format some USB drives and SD cards.

In this sense, USB storage devices, mainly pen drivers, have been one of the most used in recent years. There is a wide variety of these tools on the market, of different brands and capacities.

The risk that any device runs

Now, these storage devices are not without failures. Introduce them to a computer without antivirus it can have very serious consequences. Including that your USB or SD memory is slower than normal.

Any malware it contains, be it your computer or a file downloaded from the internet, can invade both your device and your computer, hide and even damage your file, leaving truly irreparable damage.

The solution to these cases of malware and viruses

There are many tools to eradicate this kind of uncomfortable and unwanted situations… however, not all tools are usually 100% effective.

Or why your storage device has this type of failure or damage, probably caused by malware. Or because you simply need to free up the occupied space (having done a previous backup), the formatting your device it is one of the best actions you can take. Unless your memory is already damaged and needs to be repaired.

How to do it?

You can also use software for this. However, it is not necessary. Since no matter what operating system your computer uses, it definitely has features that allow you to format and reformat your device.

All of them, although different, are very simple to perform. Now, if you have a computer whose operating system is Linux, the procedure can be a little more cumbersome, since you will need to use the command console.

You don't have to despair or think it will be difficult. This article will help all those who are taking their first steps in one of the most used operating systems in the world to format and format any USB device that you have connected to your computer.

Format USB drives in Linux

Although the margin of difference with Windows and macOS large, Linux is positioned as the third operating system with the most installations on computers worldwide.

Its constant updates and the improvement of its tools and functions, thanks to the contributions of its developer community to this open source operating system, lo have led to it earning the reputation and popularity it has today.

The instructions you need to follow in Linux

Formatting through the Linux operating system, as has been insisted above, is extremely simple and to perform it successfully it is necessary to follow the instructions that will be shown below.

  • Log into your computer's terminal or command console.
  • Enter the following command: $ sudo fdisk –l
    • Through this command, all connected storage devices (including hard drive) will be displayed.
  • Next, you will enter the command: sudo mkfs.vfat –F 32 –n My_USB / dev / sdc1
    • Through this command, you will indicate:
      • Sudo mkfs.vfat: The instruction to perform the formatting action.
      • –F 32: The format you want to give to your device, which in this case would be FAT32, although you can use other types of formats.
      • –N My_USB: the name of the device you want to format and format.
      • / dev / sdc1: the location of the storage device.

Regarding the format of the device

See how quick and easy it is to format and format a USB device in Linux? Following the instructions in the previous section, the your device is ready to be used again.

However, there is an important point. The format given to the storage device was FAT 32. This decision is due to the fact that, despite being one of the older formats, it is the one with the greatest compatibility with any operating system.

Format your device thanks to Linux

Follow the simple tips in this article for master the art of formatting and formatting all USB drives and SD cards you use on your computer with Linux command console.

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