How to free up space in the internal memory of my Android or iPhone mobile phone

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We can get to know a person by what they have on their mobile, everything they have stored in their internal memory. In fact, the first thing we do when we take a smartphone is start filling it with photos, videos, apps and all kinds of files. For this reason it is normal that sometimes we do not have enough space. If you want to find the solution, read on and find out how to free up space on the internal memory of your Android phone or iPhone in a way easy and fast.

Today there is a technological tool for almost everything, even to solve our most everyday problems in a practical way. For example, if we have run out of space in our mobile phone's internal memory, there are several ways we can solve this annoying problem. In this article we will show you what they are.

How to free up space in the internal memory of my Android phone?

Having a complete smartphone with all options in good condition has become vital for our daily life, so it can be very annoying that our mobile has problems. May it be full of files we downloaded or that we don't know how it ran out of space, lack of storage is a common problem on all smartphones.

That's why we are now showing you how to free up storage space on Android. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the most convenient, and there are several really easy methods you can free yourself with memory on your Android smartphone. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Delete the apps you no longer use.

  • Delete photos, videos and files duplicate or unimportant.
  • Clearing the app cache and data from settings.
  • By checking the file manager for garbage you can remove.

In the latter case, we recommend that you make sure which files you can delete and which you cannot, to avoid accidents while deleting important files or apps. You can also create cache e cleaners of junk mail for android. Some very useful ones are CCleaner, Google Files, All In One Toolbox, among others. Whatever it is, always try to use the best Android cleaner possible.

How to free up internal memory space for my iPhone mobile phone?

If you have an iPhone and run out of space, there are several ways to fix this annoying problem. Freeing up space or memory on your iPhone is really very simple and some things you can do to get it are:

  • Avoid saving old messages, as they take up more space than it looks.
  • Delete anything you don't need.
  • Turn off the HDR function, as it is often enabled at the factory and takes up a lot of space.

These are some simple things you can do, besides the normal ones, like not having duplicate images or files, deleting apps you don't use, among other things. Something very useful that you can also do is manage storage space to prevent it from filling up completely. This can be done from the iPhone settings, specifically the Storage section.

You have to select the option "Manage storage space", this way you will see a list of apps that take up the most space. If you feel that you don't need any of these apps or that they take up too much space, you can delete them right there, regardless of whether they are paid or not.

How to free up space when using iCloud?

Anyone who has an iPhone can use its wonderful one external storage cloud, the famous iCloud. In it you can store photos, videos, files, apps and anything that takes up space that you really don't want to have on the internal memory, so that you can free up space without losing your precious files.

To use iCloud, you need to have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone and that sign in with your Apple ID, so iCloud will activate automatically. Once this is done, you just have to go to Settings, tap on your name and select «iCloud», where you can choose the plan you will use and the apps you want to enter in iCloud.

As you will see, setting up iCloud on iPhone is very simple, we invite you to try it. We hope this guide is useful to you and that you can free up space on your smartphone.

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