How to get a GPS on my iPod Touch step by step

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But you will tell me that it is not true, that these devices can offer you the your location in a certain way. But not as accurately as it should and if you are in a rural area, you will find yourself totally lost. And then it will be necessary to have a tool that offers us the location at all times.

So the question arises, why are these teams of great value they don't have a true GPS among their tools. And this is due to the fact that it does not have a GPS chip, since through them mobile devices can be connected to different satellites. And in this way you know at all times what your position or position is.

How to get a GPS on my iPod Touch step by step

Although many people compare an iPod Touch to an iPhone, one of its main differences is that the former does not have a GPS chip. On the other hand, the iPhone has it and is also compatible with two types of GPS, including the Glonas. But fortunately the Apple company has devised new technologies that allow to overcome this drawback in the iPod Touch.

In order for these mobile devices to have an accurate location function, it uses WiFi positioning. Through this method it is possible to know the location of a device, using the WiFi network. Smartphones such as the iPhone also use this location method and it is widely used dall’iPod Touch.

Unfortunately, this method offers a flaw and one that is more evident in rural areas and that is that there must be many WiFi networks. So, if in the place where you find its quantity is small or does not exist, you will never know what your position is. And then you will not be able to reach a specific address, such as street, avenue, shops, restaurants, etc.

What can I do to get GPS on my iPod Touch?

To have a GPS on your iPod Touch device, you will need to use a external accessory that includes a GPS chip. Maybe this is a factor they don't really like but at the moment this is what exists to give you true positioning at all times. They aren't usually as fast as iPhones, but they work and that's the important thing.

Here we offer you some names of accessories that you can use as GPS and seamlessly connect them to your iPod Touch. First of all, we call you Bag Elf GPS for Lightning, which connects to the bottom of your device. And it allows you to connect via an application that you can configure and update at any time.

Another excellent option is the Garmin GLO, which offers GPS and GLONASS, connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. It is a very discreet device, it is not very heavy and its battery can last up to 12 hours. And it will give you very quick location readings, it really is an option not to be missed.

Now we will talk about another very versatile device and it is Use the latest GPS, which is a perfect option for those users who have a dock connector. The only difference with the previous models is that it only offers you GPS support but not Glonas. Importantly, they are priced around $ 100.

As you may have gathered, there are several options you can purchase and then enjoy a GPS on your iPod Touch. And so we finished this article showing you step by step how quick and easy it is to have a GPS on my iPod Touch.

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