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There is no social network that has grown as fast in recent times as Clubhouse, a platform that is based on the interaction of its members through rooms or voice chats in which we talk about all kinds of topics, from music to politics and in which even talk about the shows they have a place.

Clubhouse has officially landed on Android ed is now available for download free in the Google Play Store, yes you will need an invitation to access the app and start using it.

Do you want to know how to get a Clubhouse invite? Next, we will tell you how to get a Clubhouse invite and some information about this increasingly popular application.

We reveal all the secrets of Clubhouse on Android

How to download Clubhouse for Android: first steps

First of all, you have to download the Clubhouse application on your Android mobile. Find it on Google Play.

Once the application is installed on our smartphone and to start using it, we just have to run the following actions:

  • Let's open the application.
  • We insert ours telephone number.
  • We insert the security code that got there via SMS.
  • We choose a username.
  • Finally, we must receive an invitation to be able to access voice chats.

How to get a Clubhouse invite

Undoubtedly, the big difference of this application compared to other alternatives such as Twitter Spaces or Telegram voice chats is that to start using Clubhouse we must be invited by another user already registered on the platform.

If we want to receive an invitation to the Clubhouse we can do it in two ways:

  • Application installation e registration on a waiting list, in which the platform will start us in the order of arrival.
  • Get a friend or family member who is already using it to send us an invitation.

On the second point, you can use social networks (use the hashtags #clubhouse or #clubhouseinvitation) for see if any of your friends have an invite or check your Clubhouse friends list. If you know any of them have an iPhone, they might have a backup invite.

What can we do at the Clubhouse?

Once we've installed Clubhouse on our Android mobile and got an invitation to start using it, we're definitely wondering what can we do in the audio social network, a question we'll answer below.

Clubhouse is a social network that is based on the creating audio rooms where we can interact with other people on any topic that comes to mind or that the creator of the room proposes to us.

When we open the application in our terminal we will see the voice chats that are active at the moment and a green button at the bottom with the title Start a room which will allow us to create our room. When pressed, three icons will appear for configuring who can participate in our voice chat:

  • Open: all.
  • Social : only the people we follow.
  • Closed: only the people we choose.

This is what the Clubhouse application looks like on Android

Similarly, at the top of the main screen we find four icons that will allow us to access all the functions of the Clubhouse:

  • Invitations: in this section we will have access to invitations we have available and we can send them knowing, in advance, the recipient's mobile number.
  • Calendar: in this section we can see all the voice rooms organized by days and hours, both those already finished and those not yet started.
  • Notifications: Here we will find a history of all application notifications, the most recent is at the top.
  • Account: from here we can select a photo for our profile and see the list of our followers and the people we follow. We can also select the frequency of notifications and even pause them, by clicking on the wheel icon located at the top right of this section.

Once we enter an active room we will find its title and, just below, we will see all the users who are in that voice chat right now, organized in three blocks:

  • At the top will be the people who actively participate to the room of the voice.
  • In the central part, users who participate as listeners but who will appear they follow one of the participants in the top row.
  • Basically there are those people who participate as listeners but who they do not follow any of the interlocutors in the chat.

Similarly, at the bottom of the room we have three buttons that will allow us to leave her without saying anything, ask to speak and invite one of our contacts to this voice chat.

In this sense, it is important to note that when we enter a room we always do so as listeners and if we want to participate in the speech we will have to press the raised hand icon to ask to speak.

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