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Having the Facebook App ID configured for your website is critical if you want to post entries from management panel, just like the Facebook galleries. Very useful for adding Facebook social plugins to your website such as the Like button and the plugin for comments or to share posts.

How can I get Facebook App ID for websites?

  • Log in to your Facebook account from the browser.
  • Open a new tab and then go to the developer Facebook page. If you are not registered, the account record will be created with your login data from your Facebook account.
  • The first thing that is required during registration is the information about you. If you are a founder, developer, analyst, student, product manager, advertiser, or marketing specialist. Select the option that comes closest to your profile.

  • You must create your first App to access the developer platform. Select the Add New App button.
  • Enter the application name and an associated email. To finish creating the new application, click on the button Create new identifier.
  • For security reasons, you must validate a Captcha before moving on to the next screen.

Configure the App from Facebook for Developers

  • You are already inside the platform, to continue with the configuration Click on the Configuration option, located in the left panel of the page. Then click on the option Basic information.
  • Choose the category related to your website. There are several options, from Shopping and Games, to News.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the option Add platform and select it.
  • There are several options, but the one you need to select is Website.

  • Put the full URL of the site to avoid possible errors, including http / https. For example,
  • THE App identifier is already in the basic information. You can find it as an app identifier, along with the app secret key.
  • To see the secret key of the App, you have to click on the Show button which is right next to it and enter your login details to your Facebook account.

These last two pieces of information are what you need to be able to use it in any configuration of the web management panel. It is important to enter the URL of the privacy policies, from the basic configuration you can make this change.

It is important that after making all these changes, the request for revision of the application must be submitted for approval by Facebook. The application must be made public to be ready for use.

Facebook for developers

The Facebook developer platform offers a very comprehensive conglomerate of options for developers application developers. From its platform it is possible to evaluate its functioning and observe the metrics relating to users.

Evaluate how people interact with the company through Whatsapp and what devices they use to access it. You also have the option to monetize your app with Audience Network with Facebook advertisers.

Generate Webhooks and customize Messenger to control how users interact with yours brand or the your outdoor. Another of the major attractions of Facebook for developers is the integration of the instagram API with the app you created. It has multiple configuration options to improve communications between social networks and your website.

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