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If you are not one of the thousands of users who are part of this large digital community, you are surely wondering what are Bits, what are they for and how to earn them. Well, here we clear up any doubts you might have in relation to this fascinating topic.

If you haven't created your Twitch account yet, we encourage you to do so and have a unique experience and learn how to monetize streams. As you can see, this topic covers a lot of things at once and explaining them all in the same article would be impossible. For now we will teach you how to get free bits for Twitch How can I easily earn bits?

What are Twitch Bits?

There are virtual objects available for purchase on the Twitch platform. With these we can support the content developers, attract attention within chats using animated emoticons, in addition to obtaining emblems, even streamer thanks, also allow chat in rooms only for subscribers.

How much is a little Twitch worth?

For each bit di Twitch, the platform pays $ 0,01 to the content creator, which means, per 1000 bit, the channel owner will receive $ 10. If you live in a European country, you will be paid in euros.

How to get bits on Twitch for free

To get started with this topic, we will tell you first that it is one bit and this is basically a type of virtual currency. And with them you can support videomakers on the platform, which can be purchased online using different payment methods, But especially via PayPal.

These Bits can also be obtained through donations, but more regularly they can be acquired through the display of advertisements. These are broadcast during live broadcasts, which produces economic benefits not only for the person carrying out the broadcast, but also generates money for the person who sees these advertisements.

This obviously leads content creators or live streams to create new quality content for the entire community.

The first way to get Bits is to buy them and you do it as we have already said through PayPal. But you can also use Amazon Payments that are acquired in this way 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 5000, 10.000 or 25.000.

After choosing the amount of Bits to buy, you have to select the payment method and voila, you have already bought Bits, this is the direct way to do it. But there are also other ways they won't cost you money. As two methods have been discovered where you will get free bits using your PC or even your smartphone.

Free bits on mobile

With Google Opinion Rewards is an application that allows us through surveys of earn money to spend on Google Play, and Twitch allows us to buy Bit with this payment method.

See advertising

To earn bits by watching ads, you need to follow these steps:

  • We have to join a channel you are already following, if the content developer accepts bits, you will see a diamond icon in the corner in lower right.
  • Click the icon and it will send us to a next window, click Get bits  and you will see a  ad.
  • Click on the button See announcement wait for the ad stop playing and you will be able to receive a quantity of Bits deposited in most cases, you can receive 5 or 10 bits.

Other methods

Two of the most common options for acquiring bits from Twitch are to buy them online. Be through PayPal, either by using i Amazon payments, and in both cases we can get 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 5000, 10 000 or 25 000 Bit. with a cost of $ 1,40 every 100 Bit.

Methods to get bits for free

If you are a beginner and even a veteran and don't want to stream from your mobile to earn Bits, one of the ways to earn Bits is by viewing ads. To do this you have to do the following, enter a channel you follow, then you have to wait for the current to charge, if this transmitter can accept Bit you have to see the icon of Diamond bottom right.

If, on the other hand, the animated icon is not present, it means that the transmitter has not activated the function. Next, you need to click on the Bit icon, a window will appear and in it you need to click on the option to get Bit. This will allow an ad to be shown, you can earn a lot of bits this way, but each ad will allocate between 5 and 10 bits to your account.

The second method by which you can earn Bits is by filling out surveys, but you have to be a very fast person for that. In general, surveys are generally very well paid up to 500 Bits. To do this you need to register with TwitchRPG via your verified email and you will be notified when there is a sponsored survey.

And so in this way we have educated you a little in the fascinating world of Twitch and taught you how easy it is get free bits for Twitch How can I earn bits?

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