How to get the latest Instagram update on Windows 10

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It is likely that when a person acquires a new computer with a version of the Windows 10 operating system, the aforementioned application is already built into it. Even so, it may not have the latest features added recently this year.

However, there are other means such as downloading the latest version of the Bluestacks emulator and capturing Instagram in its latest version.

This makes it less attractive and the user feels that they are missing out on the innovations that the platform has brought. This guide shows how to update said social network from Windows 10.

Download the Instagram application from scratch

In case the application has not been incorporated or factory installed with the operating system, it needs to be downloaded only dall’application store.

Windows, like the versions of iOS, Linux and many other systems, has one " Store »Or virtual shop that has a large number of applications and tools.

It should be noted that, by downloading it, it will not be necessary to update Instagram in Windows 10, as the latest version will surely be installed.

To do this, you just need to go to the search engine on the system taskbar, where you type: Microsoft Store.

The icon of said shop will then be displayed with the name already written and, once selected with the click, it will direct us to the window of the shop.


Once there, there will be an icon at the top right called " Search »Which, once chosen with the click, will give the possibility to write on it.

Write the name of the application, which in this case is Instagram, and pressing " Submit »The search result will be displayed.

Finally, the App icon is selected and within its section, choose " Download »Or» Install And the process should end.

It should be noted that the user must be logged in to their Hotmail or Windows account in order to successfully download or use the Store.

Update Instagram on Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

To update Instagram in Windows 10, the application must have been installed on your computer. Or, they were included in the system by default of the operating system.

To update it, you have to select the search engine which is on the taskbar and type the name of the Windows 10 store (Microsoft Store).

The result will be displayed with the icon and the name of the software distributor, and it is selected with the left mouse button to open it.

Once inside the shop, you need to place a button consisting of three dots which is located in the upper right part of the window.

When you press it, a box with four options will appear, you have to choose the first option which indicates " Downloads and updates «.


When you choose this alternative, it will take us to a section of the shop window, where you will see a list of recent application uses.

Right there, there will be a new button, also in the upper right part of the window, which will say " Receive updates «.

It is chosen, then it will start loading showing a spinning icon above said button, indicating that the system is looking for which of the installed applications has recent updates.

When it's done, and if Instagram isn't in its latest version, a loading bar will appear with the number of megabytes that need to be downloaded to renew it.

It is then that the download of the necessary content will begin, which will then proceed to the installation on your computer, replacing the outdated version of the program.

Therefore, ensuring that you can enjoy the latest version of Instagram, as you can see, is a quick and easy process that anyone can go through.

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