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Without a doubt, the glitch effect is one of the best effects when editing videos or creating text content. There are other very good effects, since you can apply the wet paint effect to text with Corel Photo Paint; but the glitch is widely used. It was originally known as a bug in video or video games, with pixel distortion in images. But have you observed the glitch effect on a text?

Today we talk about the glith effect in young people; to be an effect with a style that mixes retro and modern. We can apply the Glitch effect to any photo with Corel Photo Paint; But would you like to glitch a text? Let's see below, step by step, how to do it with the Corel Photo Paint tool, don't be discouraged to learn more.

How can I use the text tool with Corel Photo Paint?

You will be surprised to know that Corel Photo Paint is a tool very complete and has many options for work with text.

You simply have to select the text from the toolbar, click there and position yourself on the base sheet, and in this way you will generate a text; Once this is done, you can not only write what you want, but with the type and size of the font you want.

10 steps to get the glitch effect in text with Corel Photo Paint

Now you will learn in a simple way how to apply this effect modifying the fusion of the layer, we see:

  1. You need to apply a black color as a background layer. As? Well, with the tool "Interactive filling", you need to add a preferably dark background. The text in turn will have a lighter color so that it is distinguishable.
  2. Once chosen the background color, you have to click on the «text tool» that appears in the left part of the menu, click again on the background or on the document and write the sentence you want, as well as the size and type of preferred font for you.
  3. Then a devi simply convert this text into an object; It can be achieved? If it is very simple, you just have to right-click on the layer and click on «Represent as object».
  4. Once you have done the previous step, you need to duplicate that level to have a backup copy. Now, in this copy you have to select certain areas and move them to one side using the tool " rectangle mask » .
  5. Then you need to click on the option "Auditory modality" and start marking some areas of your text and you need to move them to the right side; remove the selection and do the same with other areas of the text, these can be moved to the left side. And so on, repeat this step as many times as you want.
  6. Now, once it's done, duplicate this layer 3 more times, pressing the Ctrl and V keys. Next, you need to change the name of each of these layers.
  7. They should be named in the following order from top to bottom: white, blue, green and red. So you need to click to change the blend mode, how?  you need to select these colors, in the case of white select "Multiply", the other layers remain in their relevant color.
  8. Consecutively select blue and green layers with one click. With the "object selection" tool you will have to run to one side, to the right or to the left. And the red color on the opposite side you selected.
  9. In this way you have the glitch effect ready. Now if you want you can add a layer on top, search the internet for a texture, so you can change the blend mode to multiply and the effect will be applied.
  10. Ready! You already have the glitch effect in your text.

It is very easy, to dare and to create the best content with the glitch effect; You can also mix it with other effects, such as creating a reflection effect for a text using Corel Photo Paint or adapting a text to a path using Corel Photo Paint and thus obtaining a new result. Share this information with your friends and don't forget to leave us your comments below.

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