How to have a virtual Android mobile within your Android

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Rooting your Android mobile is one option that opens up a new world of possibilities, but is it worth doing in 2020?

You need to balance the pros and cons to know if it's affordable and also take into consideration if you have one of the current best cellphones for root.

If you decide that it is better to leave the phone as it is, you should know that you can have a virtual and rooted Android mobile inside your Android without rooting.

In this way, you can enjoy all advantages of a rooted phone avoiding the dangers that entails and also use other extra features that will be of great help.

VMOS is an app to have a virtual Android mobile within your Android.

How to have a virtual Android mobile within your Android

Faced with the dangers of a rooted phone, the option of VMOS, a virtual machine within Android that you can install on your Android phone. In its favor there is not only the possibility to test the root without having to root the mobile, you can also run apps in the background without affecting what you are doing in the main operating system.

In addition, VMOS also gives you the option to use multiple accounts in applications like WhatsApp. Therefore, you can use your mobile for personal accounts and the Android virtual machine for the professional side, for example. This way, you can combine different accounts within the same phone.

VMOS allows you to change the resolution of the image.

Within this emulated Android Lollipop, you can download the applications you want from the Play Store, just like on your Android, as well as change the settings from Settings. As a great detail, you can too change the resolution to define the width, height and DPI you want.

In short, VMOS works to offer you a virtual and rooted Android phone within your Android, i.e. two operating systems that coexist, thus increasing the possibilities of your mobile. Next, we will explain how to install this virtual machine, although you should know that it's possible alone with mobile phones with 2 or more GB of RAM, 32 or more GB of storage and Android 5.1 or later operating system.

How to install VMOS, the Android virtual machine

After reviewing the advantages of the VMOS virtual machine, let's see how to install it on your Android mobile. At the moment, this tool is not available in the Play Store, then you need to download the APK file from its website. Once you've done that, open the file to begin the installation, which will only take a few minutes.

Once the installation is complete, you will need to grant the necessary permissions VMOS app, such as floating window mode or access to memory, location and audio. Then, the installation of the ROM and the app will begin, a process that can take anywhere from five to ten minutes.

This is the VMOS installation process.

After waiting, you will be able to use the VMOS virtual machine with Android 5.1.1 without any problems. Before you can play with root functions, you need to enable it. To do this, go up Settings> ROOT e fai slide the button to the right to enable the root. To complete the activation, you will need to restart VMOS. After that, the Superuser application will be available.

Here's what VMOS looks like on an Android mobile.

As mentioned above, you can too run apps in the background. In that case, open the application you want in VMOS, for example a game, and click the start button of your mobile to return to the main screen. This way, the game will keep running while you do other activities on your phone.

When you want to return to the game, you will just have to click on the floating button with the VMOS icon that appears on the screen. It should be noted that it is possible to use the virtual machine in full screen or in Picture-in-Picture mode.

For free, VMOS offers you new options to customize your android phone, while also enjoying the benefits of root without having to. If, on the other hand, you want to choose to root your mobile, we take the opportunity to recommend the best Android ROMs you can install.

Is there an alternative to VMOS?

If you have not been convinced of how VMOS works, but want to experience what it is like to have a virtual and rooted Android mobile without actually rooting your phone, we are sorry to tell you that it is a mission Impossible.

At the moment, no alternatives to VMOS are available, neither in the Play Store nor by downloading from their website, as in the case of VMOS.

Virtual machine operating system is the only option you can currently use to enjoy the benefits of a rooted mobile phone without endangering your terminal.

We have to keep waiting for an alternative to VMOS to appear that matches or improves its functions. When these new options exist, we will be in charge of informing you about it.

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