How to have two Facebook or WhatsApp accounts on the same Samsung Galaxy A30 A40 or A50 mobile phone

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The use of social networks in this era has evolved on a large scale; enough to be one important tool for many. For some there is the problem of not being able to use multiple accounts on the same mobile phone; but here we have solved it for you.

Facebook or WhatsApp account on the same mobile

Having two social media accounts is more common when people have one personal account and a corporate account or corporate. You want to keep these two accounts separate to keep our personal and professional lives separate.

In personal accounts we share personal information such as photos with family and friends, free time and preferences we have. We share information that our customers may not need to know.

Our customers' experience may not be the most appropriate when we look at our personal account and finally we end up losing the customer. That is why it is recommended to have two accounts on social networks.

For these reasons, users choose to have two accounts on social networks, Facebook or WhatsApp. There are also people who know how to use two Twitter accounts on the same mobile, while others manage to have two Tik Tok accounts. The problem occurs with many mobiles, because they don't allow us to manage two accounts.

But there are always alternative ways to do this. Since for some cases of Android devices it is possible to use two accounts of WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook. But thanks to the new system offered by the Samsung Galaxy in the A30, A40 and A50 we can manage both accounts.

It is a quick and easy function and does not require installation, as the mobile comes with it. Therefore, below we will proceed to show you in a simple way how you can use two Facebook or WhatsApp accounts.

Step by step to manage two accounts on Samsung Galaxy mobile

To manage two Facebook or WhatsApp accounts, you need to follow the following steps on your mobile:

  1. The first thing to do is to enter the system settings. To access the advanced settings you need to slide your finger up on the main screen of the phone.
  2. You will see the icon menu where you need to select and click on “Settings”.
  3. Then the Adjustment menu will appear where you will need to go down to locate the "Advanced Features" option.
  4. Under Advanced Features there are several alternative system configuration features. Then you have to choose the option "Double messages".
  5.  Selecting this option will display the applications or tools where the software can be accepted for two accounts.
  6. In the applications that appear, you need to search for Facebook and WhatsApp and slide the bar with your finger lateral. This will activate the option so that in these applications you use two accounts.
  7. Then you need to enter the application menu in the operating system. In the application list you will see the duplicate tool and you can identify it, as it will have an orange icon at the bottom right.

The system will install a second application and you just have to record it with the data of the other account you want to have on your mobile. From then on both accounts will be used at the same time and you will receive messages instantly.

We also said that you can choose for the alternative described as " Use a separate contact list ". With this option you will be able to select the contacts that will be shown in the duplicate tools.

You have already learned to have two separate accounts of your favorite social networks. Now you have the freedom to download funny videos to share them with your friends on WhatsApp; without the risk of having a bad time with business contacts. Keep visiting our page to discover other options that are very interesting for you.

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