How to have Xiaomi Mi Mix style curved screen on any Android without root?

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This is because of the stylized finish that it projected, making many people want the mobile phone of the Chinese brand.

Nowadays it is possible to download and install iPhone camera on Android and even convert WhatsApp to Android in the style of iPhone with its emojis, so why the end of this tutorial might not be achievable.

Although, being a bit expensive equipment, not everyone could afford to buy one. But, thanks to Android technology and its features, sometimes you can simulate aspects of other phones.

Doing it is simple, since there is an application that allows the user to play with the screen size, from this text we tell you which one and how to do it.

Having the curved screen of the Xiaomi Mi Mix with Cornerfly

First of all, it must be made clear that you will have the feeling of having a curved screen on your flat screen mobile phone, as the change applies to the software of your mobile, not the screen itself.

As mentioned above, amateur app developers always offer platforms that simulate different functionality.

An example of this are the famous "Launcher" or predefined menus, which are those used by predefined computers to organize their content.

Just like there are others that perform various functions, many generate changes in notifications, menu style, icons, wallpapers, among others.

That is, they are focused on appearance, so it is not crazy to think that there is one that can simulate the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Then what's this? What facilitates having the curved screen of the Chinese team is called " Cornerfly ”And allows you to configure the border style, among other things.

Get Cornerfly

This same can be achieved as much in its free version as " Premium “, Ie what has to be paid. But they both work the same way.

Which can be downloaded in " Google Play Store “, Which is the Android store, finding it directly by name in the search bar

Give Cornerfly permission

Therefore, once the application has been downloaded and installed, we proceed to press on its icon to access it and thus have the desired curved screen.

At the time of entry, a sort of security question or setting of authorization protocols will be asked to be freely modified.

Obviously, you have to say yes to everything to continue with the application, then it will show us two options to accept.

If these accessibility permissions are not activated, to do so the program will direct the user to that section, where he can grant them by navigating to the bottom and looking for the name of the App.

Once this is done, you will return to the Cornerfly screen and press a check mark or “appears Check ", Which will be given to proceed.

The next thing is to give " Next ”To all the images it shows and thereby the equipment should have the curved screen established.

Furthermore, being in the application in question, it allows you to customize other things with respect to the smartphone screen.

In it, the notifications received by it can be changed, as well as the pronunciation of the curve, but this can be changed freely only in the paid version.

Likewise, from the alerts screen you can view a section that will allow the user to quickly turn the effect on and off.

This same not only works on the mobile phone screen or menu but is also shown in other applications such as Instagram or Facebook.

Common mistakes with Cornerfly

Many users have expressed a common concern regarding this program. AND, when working in the background, the effect stops working.

Stating that the application cannot stay active too long without stopping imminently on the mobile.

This may be due to an energy saving problem. Well, it's no secret that some smartphones pause background applications to save power.

Therefore, it is recommended to check that there is no battery optimization activated or programs running it, so that the App continues to function normally.

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