How to hide and prevent my followers from seeing on Facebook

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Facebook followers exist for various reasons, however many complain that their display is enabled by default. In any case, hide it from yours biography it's very simple, please read the following information carefully.

What are Facebook Followers?

Everyone knows that they are friends within Facebook, but in recent years the functionality of followers has been added, which often raises doubts in the novice users. Here you will learn what i Facebook followers.

Then a automatically all your friends will become your followers, but sometimes the follower option on Facebook doesn't show up. In any case, if you have activated the option, even people who are not your friends can follow you.

Followers are especially useful for those who have as many friends as possible in their account, as those who send friend requests after that limit will become followers. For this reason it is important that you know how many followers you have on Facebook, so that you know who can see the content you share on the social network.

In any case, not everyone will use this feature, so in many cases it is more convenient to disable the display of Facebook followers. If you want disable this option, read carefully the guide we have prepared for you.

How to hide and prevent my followers from seeing on Facebook

The process of hiding followers on Facebook it's quite simple, all you have to do is follow a series of steps and access the basic settings of the Facebook platform. Read these instructions carefully:

  1. The first thing you should do is enter to your Facebook account via your computer.
  2. Once inside, click on the small icon located at the top of your screen with the you don't know, in this way you will access your profile, where you can make the necessary settings. Wait for the system to redirect you to this area
  3. The multiple options of your profile will be displayed, click on the section Friends.
  4. A small symbol of will appear next to the Find Friends button modification, represented by a pencil, press there.
  5. More privacy options will appear on the screen in relation to your friends list. We will explain these different options below.

As you will see, after the above steps, people will not be able to see your followers, even if they will be able to see the rest of the content you share. For this reason, if you want to avoid this, it's best to turn on the option to hide from your friends from seeing the things you like on Facebook.

Who can see your friends list?

As the name indicates, in this section you can determine who can see yours friends list, by default the friends option is selected. In any case you have the options

  • Public
  • Friends Except (where you can select who cannot see your list individually)
  • Concrete friends
  • Only me
  • custom


This section shows all the pages, people and lists you follow within Facebook. As with Who can see your friends list? You will have the same amount of options, being able to configure this privacy option to your liking.


The option we are dealing with today, through this section you can configuration who can see your followers. As with the first option, you will have more configuration options, customize it to your liking. In any case, we recommend that you select Only me if you don't want to show this list to anyone.

Finally, if all of the above seems too challenging to you, you can always create a new account and use the option to export and transfer friends from one Facebook account to another, that way you will forget about the follower headache.

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