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Facebook is a social networks very important today. All of your users tend to post all of their interests publicly on their profile, but that can be a big security mistake. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to hide Mi's like it of Pages.

Having the interests you follow and the kind of information you enjoy public can be a risk if it's in anyone's sight. Security on Facebook is the most important thing and that is why we are going to show you a method for hide the "I like" of all the pages you follow.

Hide Facebook likes in an easy way

Your friends on Facebook or even anyone with a Facebook account can have access to your likes. It may seem like a superficial and unimportant topic, but this could have quite significant security implications. Likewise, you can hide this type of information from your Facebook profile.

For some time, Facebook has been testing the option to hide likes and other interactions available on this social network. This was initially created as an experiment to visualize whether or not the personal experience of users on this network changes. In addition, believe it or not, it is a sampling to evaluate the impact against the social network Instagram, which is currently one of its greatest competences.

However, these platforms are slightly different. This is due to the various interactions that the Facebook application allows, adding that thanks to this the platform knows its users and allows them to view content that they certainly would not see without this method. With this, Facebook aims to make its users feel much safer by creating and editing their profiles. In addition to ensuring a much more comfortable stay in this social network.

  • Log into your Facebook account e go to your profile.
  • Click the More button in the menu, located just below the button Activity log.
  • Select the option at the end of the call Manage sections.
  • Search for I like option and disable the box that is right next to it. With this action, people who access your profile will not be able to access your “Like”.

Delete from Facebook pages

This is an option very valid for those who wish to update their profile and remove likes from pages that may no longer interest them. For this we can do it manually, this means that in the search bar of our profile which is located at the top of the screen, commonly known with the magnifying glass icon. We insert the name of the page that we do not want to like, then, in the results obtained, we select the page and go to its profile. Finally, click on the box that says "like" located next to the name of the page. We select there and voila, your like will no longer appear on the page.

You can remove likes made on a page, people you follow, or your interests.

  • Log in to Facebook and from the main page or your profile you will access the Registro atasità .
  • From the left sidebar select the Pages, Page Likes and Interests option. If you log in from a mobile phone, select Filter and then Mi like it .
  • A list, organized by dates, will appear of all the likes you have made on the pages and interests.
  • Select each individually on the button that has a down arrow icon.
  • New options appear for each record. For your friends and events you can hide from the biography and in case of comments you can eliminate .

It is not necessary log into your PC to make these changes. They can be run from a phone running Android or iOS from the Facebook application.

It is important to remember that when a post is hidden from the timeline , it will be removed and can only be accessed again from the activity log. Events you like won't appear on your profile unless you decide to share it.

The likes you give to other people's posts you can't hide them. Only the user who created the post can make the relevant changes.

In such a globalized world, the protection of information is very important. The more you know the features that Facebook has available, the more power you have over your privacy .

Remove from my Facebook profile

Facebook from its platform aims to ensure the safety of its users. However, the pages they like will appear directly on your profile so that your friends or the general public have access to your favorite music, games and movies preferences, if you have declared it on this network. Thanks to this, Facebook also takes care of filtering information to keep you updated according to your tastes and this can only be achieved through your like preference.

Other than that, you can likewise configure the security of your profile and hide them directly from your bio without having to dislike them. Despite this, please note that some data will always be publicly available, such as your profile name. But for other functions there is the possibility to configure their visibility.

First you have to access the part of the settings that you find in the part at the top right of the screen, specifically in the inverted triangle icon. In the drop down menu, press the setup option, from there you can change the privacy options. By default, this setup is made so that only your friends can see your posts, but anyone registered on the platform could send you a friend request. Or they might likewise get your profile through your email or phone number. But do not worry, from this section it is possible to change all these aspects, it is advisable to always select the level of privacy friends. To find out who has access to your personal data in this way.

  • The first thing to do is log into Facebook. Enter your username and password.
  • Click the Settings button , located at the top right of the page. It is shaped like a downward arrow.
  • Select the option Settings .
  • A new page opens with several options. Within the ad settings, you will select the Ads that include your social actions option.
  • You have two options available, My Friends Only and None. Select the None option.

With deactivation of this setting, no one will be able to see the sympathy of people or pages you follow. They also won't have access to comments, recommendations, shared content, or events you've attended. This applies to advertising content that can be viewed by your friends.

Can I remove the likes they give me on Facebook?

Currently Facebook it not only allows the use of likes but also reactions. This is in order to improve the interaction between its users. However, here we offer you a method of hiding the number of likes or reactions in each of your publications.

To hide it, we just have to enter al our profile and click on the three dots located next to your profile photo on the right side. Next, in the drop-down menu, we select the configuration option and then click on Activity log. There you select the reaction you want to delete and press accept.

However, there is another method by which it is possible to hide the number of reactions. To do this, log in to the Facebook application and click on the top three lines located at the top of the screen. Scroll the menu up and select the option settings and privacy> settings. There we will look for the reaction preferences option, located in the shortcuts section. Swipe the option in your publications to the right to enable this feature.

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