How to hide group members and admins on Facebook

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Social networks have become the most important means of communication, their uses are different. From expressing your opinions, showing your day to day. Until they get to know their art, their hobbies and their way of living life. At this point Facebook stands out, which has become the most important social network.

Facebook's beginnings aimed at meet the needs di interaction of some individuals. Those who managed to establish communication with people from any part of the world and who often used this medium to meet new people and make friends.

Today it is possible to do all these activities. However, Facebook like any other platform has evolved and, in turn, brought new features to the page. One of these is the " market " dominated which represents an alternative for the purchase and sale of new or second-hand products.

How to hide group members and admins on Facebook?

Groups are another type of tool that Facebook uses to bring together a set of users who have common interests and who have found it necessary to connect with others through their platforms.

A group it can cover practically any topic. Without forgetting of course that all those activities that are limited by law will not be allowed on the platform. However, different uses may be given, for example in the case of users who share a political point of view or who carry out commercial activities and who can offer and distribute their own products.

An important point about Facebook is that any user can create a group, but it can also use different recording options. This means that the person will decide if the group is public and any individual can be a member or if the administrator will regulate access to the group.

Steps to hide group members and admins on Facebook

Some of the benefits of being the admin of a Facebook group is that you have access to all the information shared within it. This includes images and photographs, as well as posts in the form of comments.

Of course, not everything is plain sailing. Since in some cases the administrator will have to act and delete a member or any material that violates the group's rules. Therefore, it can be subject to threats, insults and any kind of negative action by the users who have been deleted.

For these cases, Facebook offers the option of keep him or the administrators anonymous of a group. If you are interested in taking this action in your group, you can follow the instructions below:

  • First you need to log into your Facebook account and go to the section of the group you created.
  • Depending on the device you used to log in, you need to click on the option "Edit group". What you can find in the upper right corner of the main page or click on an option called "basic information". Which redirects you to the settings menu.
  • You will find a menu of available options within which the privacy settings are located. To do this, click on "Privacy" and select how you want to view the group.
  • You can choose between the “open” option where all users inside and outside Facebook can have access to the group's information, clearly including the admin and members.
  • Another option is " closed "   in which there will also be a previous view of the users who are members of the group and their administrator. However, this option does not allow you to expose the content that has been shared.
  • The last option was called "Secret" and that's what interests us in this case. Since it prevents both the administrator and its members from being displayed, it is quite secure.
  • After choosing the last option you can click on " save Changes".
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