How to hide photos on Instagram without having to delete them

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Instagram is a Facebook-owned platform that has passed 1 billion users, is designed to view, upload, share and create images or short videos for entertainment under a wide range of themes.

It has been so popular that much of its community is made up of millennial entrepreneurs, who use it as a workplace to gain customers, enhance brands or promote their businesses.

The images and videos you will see on Instagram they often come with retouching, as the application gives you the ability to add effects and filters to increase the quality of the content. Of course, you should be aware of what you share, as this will talk a lot about your profile.

If for some reason you decide to go another route with your account, but you have a lot of old posts, don't worry. Today you will learn how to hide photos on instagram without having to delete them in simple steps. Let's begin!

Steps to hide Instagram photos from a person without having to delete them

This feature was added to prevent unwanted people from viewing your content or simply to curate your account and start over, without the need to delete photos. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the app Instagram on your mobile. If you don't have it yet, download it for free for Android e iOS.
  • Tap your profile icon, located at the bottom right.
  • Your profile window and all publications will appear, Photo and video made so far.

Enter your Instagram profile and select the image you want to hide

  • Select the photos you want to hide on Instagram and click on three vertical points, which can be found in the upper right part of the publication.
  • It will show several options. click on "Archive" And that's it. The posts will be saved automatically without having to delete the content.

Look for the "Archive" option on the platform

How to view archived Instagram photos and stories and repost them

The photos and videos you want file they will be visible only to you in a specific folder Instagram, and if one day you decide to access it or undo the changes, follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile Instagram.
  • Tap the hamburger menu, located at the top right.
  • Some options will appear, click "File".
  • You will have two options, «History Archive» e "Post Archive". Give it a twist in «Publications archive».

Locate photos and stories in the Instagram archive folder

  • Locate the photo you want to recover, tap i three vertical points, located at the top right.
  • Two options will appear, tap «Show in profile» And that's it.

If you don't want to hide the photos anymore, just undo your changes

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This is a good alternative, especially if you don't want to delete your content, but rather keep it as a private folder. As you will see, your stories are also stored in that space, which, as everyone knows, only lasts 24 hours, over time they will become private. Remember that you also have the option to download photos and images from Instagram to your mobile or computer.

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