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And now you may be wondering what hosting on Twitch means and this simply refers hosting on your channel while you are offline. The live broadcasts of some other streamers and in this way when they enter your channel the followers will not see that you are offline and will instead see the stream you hosted.

Then a Hosting su Twitch has become a common practice among streamers when streaming, to collaborate with each other. In this way, those who have many followers in their community support those where the number of viewers is very low. So let's see how we can host on Twitch or use the hosting mode.

How to host on Twitch or use the hosting mode

Now, any streamer can Host on Twitch and he won't need to be an affiliate or not and the number of followers he has won't count at all. But let's continue with the question, how to host? And you will be really surprised when you know how simple and easy this option is.

As we have already indicated, with this option you will be able to host the transmission of another streamer on your channel for all the  time you want. And the best thing about this practice is that you can do it from your smartphone or personal computer. Now let's see what are the steps to follow in any of these electronic devices.

Steps to host on Twitch from your PC

Obviously you must have created an account on Twitch and you must log in and join your channel, the next step is to enter the chat. Now you need to write this simple '/ host' command and then the name of the channel you want to support by hosting it on your channel. Hello, now your audience varies the content you have chosen, whether they are subscribers or viewers.

Now if you want to terminate the host you have hosted or as they say web hosting, you have to likewise write a command in the chat. This will be ‘/unhost’ and this way the hosting you allowed will come finished. Remember that streaming is one of the ways affiliates need to monetize and hence Earn money.

Step to host on Twitch from mobile

From your mobile it is also possible  host on Twitch from wherever you are and for that you just have to do the following. Access the application from your mobile, now enter the stream you want to host on your channel. The next step is to go to the top of the live screen and press the arrow.

Now the Host Channel option will be shown and click on it and voila, that's it, when you want to finish hosting. You just have to do the same process, but with the difference that you have to choose the Stop hosting option. There is now a way to host when offline and it's called automatic hosting.

To activate this option we will go into the Channel Settings, then select Control Panel and then select Preferences. Now you need to click on the option Automatic hosting of the channel to activate the option. And now two options are shown that you need to choose one of them.

These are the channels of the hosting team or the Hosting list option in the latter you can choose up to 10 channels and you can configure the aspects. Like the order of the choice or whether this will be done randomly.

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