How to improve and configure the internet of a WiFi router to play online?

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When the Internet was created a long time ago, it was not thought that it would have such a marked impact on everyone's life. It has become essential in people's social, family and working life. And the fact is that with the internet you can do everything, even play with friends online. That is why in the following article we will show you how to improve and configure the internet of a wifi router to play online?

If you like the world of video games and you want to be able to play with your friends online, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration in order to do it without problems. And these are stability and speed, if we are to have a stable connection that does not allow cuts and any exits from the game. And the speed with at least 100 Mbps is more than enough.

On the subject of Routers WiFi we have already talked about it a lot and we have shown you very effective solutions in various problems. And we have taught you, for example, a simple way to configure a router as a WiFi repeater to increase and improve the signal I receive at home.

How to improve and configure the internet of a WiFi router to play online?

Below we will show you some tips that you should follow so that you can  improve and configure the Internet of a WiFi router to play online. So be prepared that we will offer you some foolproof tricks that will never leave you sick. And so you have your WiFi router configured to allow you to play online games online.

Before we begin, we need to do a configuration so that improper access by another person is not allowed and therefore we can lose bandwidth. And we check that all the devices that connect to the Router are protected. To do this we must go to the browser we are using on our computer.

Now we are going to write the IP address of the Router, we will find it on its label, so we must log in by entering our username and password. Once inside we will check the security of the key and that it has the WPA2-AES encryption. You must also be careful to check if UPnP is disabled is necessary.

After doing this security configuration, we will now go to configure the router to play online. And the first thing we are going to do about it is adjust the frequency and the WiFi channel. We will do this if you have a shared network and then we will improve its speed then we will do the following.

How to adjust the frequency and channel to improve the Internet

We use a program that we can download very easily in Windows called Acrylic WiFi. Once installed on your computer, you need to scan the PC so that we can know the frequency and channel. What you need to do now is write the following address in the browser and then you have to look for the Wireless option.

What you need to do now is to choose the channel and frequency that you got through the scan, you will see that it will offer you this data under two different values 2,4 GHz and 5GHz. Now to complete this step you need to click on the Save option.

Another of the configurations you need to do to gain speed while playing online is to change the DNS. To do this, we will do the following, we will go to our computer at the Control Panel. There we will look for the option Networks and the Internet, so in this window we need to log in to the Shared and Networking Resource Center.

We will now focus our attention on the left side of the window and look for and choose the Network Connection option. In this new window select Properties and then Internet Protocol (TCO / IPv4). Now select Properties again and in the Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server fields you will write the following value and then click OK.

So far we have arrived with this tutorial, very didactic and practical, which helps you with a very frequent problem among users who love online video games. And we show you how to improve and configure the Internet of a WiFi router to play online.

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